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Top 15 SEO World Problems

Life as an SEO can be really really really tough sometimes, and there’s only one route to control it. Share your torturing pain and agony on Twitter. Read Full Story »»...
by SEO News and SEM News on Jun 29, 2013

Bad content or not so bad

I have failed on this blog in a way and the reason is because the content is not killer content it will help you to get page rank but not loads of visitors. My next job on this blog is … Continue reading →...
by SEO Blog tip a day on Feb 9, 2012

google analytics make sure you add the code

Might sound silly but if you track your blog or website like me you have to add the code to every page otherwise goggle cant see them pages. Yes i know i made the mistake myself and was wondering where all my traffic had gone … Continue re...
by SEO Blog tip a day on Jan 5, 2012

The one question i would love to ask mat cutts

I talk about what i have learnt and what i have seen with SEO companies and form my own expirece the question i would love to ask him the companies that are promising 1st ranking position on a word can … Continue reading →...
by SEO Blog tip a day on Nov 24, 2011

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