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How to Deal With Noise Aversion in Dogs

Does your dog cower or tremble in fear when they hear loud noises? Does the sound of thunder, fireworks, gun shots or any other similar sounds cause your dog to not want to leave your side? If you... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my websi...
by The Animal Doctor Blog on Sep 4, 2016


Here are some valuable dog gifts we can give our best friends; they cost nothing and can mean everything… 1. TIME In this day and age, a person’s most valuable commodity is time. The workweek stretches into 60 hours, after school is a cra...
by Dog Training Kingdom on Aug 18, 2016

Who’s The Daddy: Separation Anxiety by Richard Hobbs of Man Stays Home

Welcome to the latest Who's The Daddy. This month's guest post is from one of my favourite bloggers, Richard Hobbs of Man Stays Home. This poignant and powerful piece explores separation anxiety experienced by divorcee fathers.
by Mummy's Got Style on Jul 23, 2016

What is Separation Anxiety Disorder (F93.0)?

By David Joel Miller. Separation Anxiety Disorder used to be strictly a children’s condition. In the past Separation Anxiety Disorder was listed in the section of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) under the category of Disorders First Dia...
by counseolrssoapbox on Jun 3, 2016

Dog separation anxiety and how to handle it?

Dogs are pack or family animals which means that they are social and desire the company of other dogs or of humans. Many people leave dogs alone at home and do not understand that this may result in a psychological problem for the animal. There is a...
by Dog Training Kingdom on Sep 22, 2015

7 Tips on How to Appropriately Punish Your Pet

How many of you as pet owners have come home to your belongings destroyed or your furnishings soiled with urine or other excrement? I am sure there were feelings of frustration and anger. There was probably a strong urge to punish your pet to ensure...
by The Animal Doctor Blog on May 14, 2015

Is your Anxiety a disease?

By David Joel Miller Some fear is normal, too much is a disorder. Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Stress Photo courtesy of Flickr (marsmet481) How can you tell if your fears and anxieties are normal or are they the signs of a … Continue reading U...
by counseolrssoapbox on Feb 9, 2015

Dog Separation Anxiety Help and Treatment

Common Causes of Separation Anxiety in Dogs and Puppies Dogs, like humans, are born followers, and they can become stressed or anxious when left alone and in charge of the situation. This usually results in inappropriate elimination or destructive be...
by Russian Dog on Jan 19, 2015

Wordless Wednesday – Do You Ever Wish Your Dogs Could Talk?

I really wish at least one of mine could talk and tell me what happened while I was at work today!  When I got home Asher wasn’t bouncing at the side gate, whimpering his delight that I was FINALLY there. … Read More...
by Greyhounds CAN Sit on Nov 26, 2014

Flashback Friday Door Drama

The following post comes from YourDesignerDog - YourDesignerDogBlog: The Adventures of Sadie the Spokespuppy.   When Sadie was a puppy, she would follow me everywhere. There was no such thing as privacy in my house. Of course that was to be expe...
by YourDesignerDog on Oct 17, 2014

From Beginning to End (2009) Trailer

Do Começo ao FimFrom Beginning to End (Portuguese: Do Começo ao Fim) is a 2009 Brazilian drama film that premiered on November 27, 2009, starring Fábio Assunção, Júlia Lemmertz, Gabriel Kaufmann, Lucas Cotrim,...
by Film trailers World on Oct 9, 2014

How To Stop Separation Anxiety in Dog

Dogs make a great hobby, too. Walking and enjoying a pet dog is one thing, but breeding and raising show dogs is something else entirely. Show dogs may require a bit of an investment, but many puppies are free. There is also the aspect of training...
by Nice Idea on Aug 26, 2014

7 Tips to Avoid Kindergarten Separation Anxiety

Back to school is just around the corner. For many, it will be the first day of Kindergarten and will be somewhat of a change from pre-school or day care. Of course, my daughter will be starting middle school  this Fall which has it’s own set...
by NYC Single Mom on Aug 13, 2014

Videos That Make My Dog Crazy

My husband surfs YouTube on a regular basis looking for funny videos to make himself laugh. His favorites are those hilarious “Reporter Fail” videos and he also watches a lot of stupid stunts stupid men do which I never think are funny at...
by Furry Wiggle Butts on Dec 7, 2013

Never Be Out of Touch With Your Dog Again – Chat and Give Treats from Anywhere! VIDEO

Thanks to an invention by an enterprising… and dog loving… teen, you can now not only chat with your canine companion while you’re away, you can also pass out treats! Brooke Martin, an inspiring Spokane 9th grader, came up with the...
by For the Love of the Dog on Sep 6, 2013

Separation Anxiety in German Shepherds

Separation anxiety in German Shepherds is a prevalent issue within the breed, in particular at a very young age. Your German Shepherd has a desire to want to defend you . If you are not there, she wonders where you [...]The post Separation Anxiety in...

How To Stop Seperation Anxiety

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by Yorkie Housetraining on Aug 25, 2013

Do You Need To Know About Dog Separation Anxiety Solutions?

If you know that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and you want to improve the situation, this article will prove useful. Dogs are related to wolves, and by nature they are pack animals. Not showering extreme love on [...]The post Do You...
by All About Dogs | Dog-Guides.US on Jul 17, 2013

Some Causes Of Dog Separation Anxiety.

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by Yorkie Housetraining on Jun 17, 2013

Manage And Control Dog Separation Anxiety

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by Yorkie Housetraining on Jun 4, 2013

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