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Day 20: Cognition

by Modernity's Muse on Apr 20, 2012

Fixed Poetry Form: The Sestina

Over the next few weeks I’ll be trying my hand at fixed poetry forms such as the Chant Royal, Pantoum, Sonnet and the Villanelle. In this post, I’m going to attempt a Sestina.What is a Sestina you might ask? Well it’s a fixed form dating back t...
by Modernity's Muse on Jul 18, 2010

ADMIRING LITERATURE: The Mysterious Sestina

I have been a dilettante reader and writer of poetry. The finest period in my sparse history of writing poetry was when I was attempting to improve my efforts by going through X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia’s Introduction to Poetry (I have their...
by The STRUCTURE of ENTROPY on Jul 21, 2009

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