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Children Of a lesser god?

I am so lucky; I am going to be part of a wonderful family. How do I know this, you ask? After all I’m just the size of a peapod, with only a tiny fingerprint to claim as my own; a three month old foetus nestled safely in the cosy confines of my ma...
by mom of all trades on Nov 14, 2015

Half Male, Half Female, Completely Weird

Biology concepts – sex determination system, gynandromorphs, non-disjunction, mitosis, bilateral symmetry, chimera, mosaicism Ardhanarishvara is just form of the god Shiva. As a male, he is considered the ultimate man, James Garner mixed with...
by As Many Exceptions As Rules on May 13, 2015

Just Leave The “Father” Line Blank

Biology concepts – apomixis, automixis, genomic imprinting, haplodiploid, facultative and obligate parthenogenesisKids questions can be exasperating, exhilarating, and problematic –all at the same time. Questions about biology are especially diff...
by As Many Exceptions As Rules on Feb 13, 2013

The shimmering light of India's Pride!

This year, may the festival of Diwali gleam over India  and celebrate womanhood! Women's are always adorable in India, and it  has a long history. Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Aruna Asaf ali, M.S. Subbalaxmi and Nightingale of In...
by Suraj Savardekar on Nov 10, 2012

Abortion: The Indian Legal Scenario

This article is written by one of our authors  Shashank Sahay .Abortion and the Indian Penal CodeUntil 1971, the law relating to abortions was exclusively governed by the Indian Penal Code. Enacted in 1860, it reflects t...
by Mowing the Law on Aug 5, 2012

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