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Battling Transphobia: Providing Healthcare to All

“Inside every man there is a potential woman and inside every woman resides a potential man.”― John Maxwell TaylorGender variant people mark their existence in India since various centuries, these communities have several indigenous identities...
by Mowing the Law on Nov 24, 2015

Indiana Paying A Financial Price for Signing Religious Freedom Restoration Act

On Thursday, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) quietly signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law. Many claim the law would allow corporations or individuals to use their religious beliefs as a defense when sued by a private party. Opponents of...
by Debt Free Living Guru on Mar 29, 2015

Bharti Walmart India – Corruption Probe Fraud

Bharti Walmart India, Tesco, Metro AG, LIDL etc are playing an amazing game of deception with the masses by playing with the mindsets of the people by spreading mass deception from every source in their hands. They are very sly because they know exac...
by Walmart India on Jan 24, 2013

Bharti Walmart India - Probes Own Corruption

Bharti Walmart India is an amazingly deceptive corporation that "Probes" its own corruption that its spreading all around the planet for aggressive expansion over the lives of other people. Why? Just to make a quick profit without any consideration f...
by Walmart India on Jan 24, 2013

Rush Limbaugh Hot Air leak

When you think of hot air the word that follows most of the time is balloon but for years many of us have thought of Rush Limbaugh.Talk show hate personalities like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh always... Politics,news,stories,sexy girls,art,movies, a...
by seasidepostonline on Mar 5, 2012

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