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John Corvino on Liberals and Being Judgemental

Recently I have been reading John Corvino’s book, “What’s wrong with Homosexuality?” Corvino describes himself as a religious sceptic and is one of the leading defenders of the moral permissibly of homosexual conduct, and also an articulate...
by MandM on Oct 24, 2015

Oh dear, I missed the Slutwalk

Oh no!  This is terrible!  This is worse than missing a debate between Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff!  I actually missed my big opportunity to tell my new neighbors here in Ontario what a mindless, amoral slattern I am: I...
by Hollie After Dark on Apr 10, 2011

Why the Right was against repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”

Why is it so common for the most strident of the 'moral majority' to find themselves in the public spotlight with their pants down, sometimes quite literally?
by Sharp Iron on Dec 27, 2010

Of Papers, Jobs, Weddings and TV Shows

We have had, and are in for, an interesting few weeks. Last week I finished my studies for 2009 with my Legal Ethics exam and enrolled to complete the final two papers of my LLB (bachelor of law) in 2010. This week Matt handed in his final piece of a...
by MandM on Nov 18, 2009

Sunday Study: The Bible and Rape – A Response to Michael Martin

A little while ago I wrote a post criticising Michael Martin’s contention that the Bible commands a rape victim to marry her rapist, Does the Bible Teach that a Rape Victim has to Marry her Rapist? To summarise briefly, Martin cited Deuteronomy 22:...
by MandM on Sep 26, 2009

Sunday Study: Does the Bible Teach that a Rape Victim has to Marry her Rapist?

In our recent discussion on the Bible's teachings on slavery John Loftus asked Madeleine, "if you were raped you should marry your rapist? Get real. ... Would you want to be treated the way the Bible says women and slaves should be treated?" Loftus t...
by MandM on Jul 5, 2009

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