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Shakespeare Lives Invites Photo Submissions – Deadline May 25, 2015

You may already be familiar with Shakespeare Lives, a British Council project to celebrate the 400th anniversary of The Bard’s death in 2016. Until May 25, 2015 you have a chance to submit your photographs interpreting William Shakespeare’...
by Shakespeare in Translation on May 18, 2015

The Sonnet Project In New York: Submissions Until April 30, 2013

To celebrate another of William Shakespeare’s “round dates” in 2014, NY Shakespeare Exchange has called on directors and actors to participate in a ground-breaking project. The Sonnet Project fuses urban settings of New York’s...
by Shakespeare in Translation on Apr 12, 2013

The Free Stage Theatre Presents a New Adaptation of Othello In a New Translation

May 13, 2013 will see the first night of a new adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Othello by The Free Stage (Svobodnaya Scena) independent theatre. Directed by Yakov Lomkin in a new translation by Sergei Volynets, the classic tragedy will pres...
by Shakespeare in Translation on Apr 10, 2013

Shakespearean Deaths: An Illustrated Guide

Apparently there is no better way to memorise something but by writing it down or studying a picture, i.e. getting several kinds of memory involved. So, someone came up with an awesome idea for an infographic: deaths in Shakespeare’s tragedies.
by Shakespeare in Translation on Apr 3, 2013

Thou saucy dizzy-eyed varlot! And Other Shakespeare Insults

Vladimir Mayakovsky tells in My Discovery of America about one “entrepreneur” who found how to make money on teaching people foul language. They loved boxing in America, but swearing at matches was prohibited, so a solution was required.
by Shakespeare in Translation on Apr 2, 2013

23 April – Shakespeare Supper Night

It may be hard to comprehend but it is true: there is no celebration of Shakespeare in Britain. Although the Bard is mentioned and celebrated in many other ways, there is no holiday similar to Burns Night, dedicated to Robert … Continue reading...
by Shakespeare in Translation on Apr 1, 2013

Shakespeare the Tax Evader: A Study Reveals The Bard’s Sinister Traits

One may talk about timing for this kind of news, but seriously, what a coincidence! At the time when Britain and other countries persecute their tax evading subjects (who are occasionally very high-profile people) an academic study reveals that even...
by Shakespeare in Translation on Mar 31, 2013

Chicago Shakespeare Countdown 2013 Begins

Chicago Shakespeare Theater holds a competition to establish the winner of Shakespeare Countdown 2013. The task was to fill the brackets of the countdown sheet and either email or post it to CST. Their website reads: “If the winner of … C...
by Shakespeare in Translation on Mar 31, 2013

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