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Ray J Calls Kanye West a Shamless Hypocrite For Embracing Kim’s Sex Tape

Ray J has been telling his crew that Kanye West is a hypocrite for embracing his wife’s sex tape now that it suits his purposes. He also blasted him for daring to write a song about the famous video. According to the TMZ report, Ray is furious that...
by Oh Zina on Aug 31, 2016

Box Office Buz: DVD and Blu-ray releases for September 1, 2015 | North America

Now this is more like it. I hope you have your couch change saved up, there are lots of great titles this week including a huge box office hit, lots of television and a nice chunk of catalog. These are your new releases for September 1, 2015.
by Box Office Buz on Sep 3, 2015


CASTRO CALLS JFK A "SHAMELESS PERSON"Havana (JFK+50) It was reported 53 years ago today, February 5, 1962, that Cuban Premier Fidel Castro* reacted to the economic embargo imposed on his island nation by calling President John F.
by JFK+50 on Feb 5, 2015

I Marched in the 2013 Presidential Inauguration Parade

My feet hurt. I was tired. My hands in their it-was-supposed-to-be-colder-than-this fleece gloves were starting to overheat. My frustration grew. I could not always hear the cadence from my band to...
by Condo Blues on Feb 5, 2013

I’m in a Magazine AND a Book!

I had to sit on this exciting news for way too long! The projects are out and I encourage you to run to your nearest bookstore… …find the July 2012 issue of This Old House...
by Condo Blues on Jul 19, 2012

My Craft Wars Audition Video

Finally, finally, FINALLY! There is a new craft show on TV. It is called Craft Wars. The first episode airs on TLC tonight. Now I can spill the beans. I auditioned for it. Yep. I made a total...
by Condo Blues on Jun 26, 2012

Shameless Star Loves Duri

Actress Shanola Hampton isn't Shameless about how she feels about Duri nail polish... Shanola Hampton, known for her role in Showtime's hit show Shameless, is a huge fan of Duri Cosmetics! What is her favorite shade?"I love all the colors of Dur...
by Jen's Blog of Random Thoughts on Apr 15, 2012

I'm All Over the Interwebs but Mostly I'm Sitting In My Desk Chair Drinking Tea

Guess who's recycled porch and landscaping project is featured on the The Old House web site? That's right. THIS GIRL! They have a slide show on This Old House with detailed project...
by Condo Blues on Mar 6, 2012

Watch Shameless (Fathers Day) Season 2, Episode 5 Online Streaming

Shameless “Father’s Day” Season 2 Episode 5 airs Sunday February 5 at 10pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis: Frank tries to say Eddie’s insurance policies added benefits and pension, despite currently being a prime suspect in his loss of life; F...
by on Feb 6, 2012

Free Hugs T Shirt

Learn how to make this shirt! My big 2011 blog goal was to speak at a blogging conference. I have been working my tail off. There as so many talented speakers and not as many blog conference...
by Condo Blues on Feb 2, 2012

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