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Day #236 Deep Sea Shark Illustration

I wanted to start off today’s blog post by mentioning a couple of changes that have been happening with the blog these days. I’m actually getting some more viewers these days and it’s pretty exciting to say the least! I know that I...
by I 365 Art on Dec 5, 2012

V. V. Brown – Shark In The Water

One of last year’s finest discoveries had to be the rather brilliantly talented (and gorgeous) V V Brown, a 26-year-old songstress who on her debut LP combined the best elements of rock’n'roll, R’n'B, soul – and good old-fashi...
by Sugar the Pill on Sep 10, 2010

New Video: V.V. Brown - Shark in the Water & Game Over

Hey Yall,Here here are twu video frin V.V. Brown's "Shark in the Water" and "Game Over". Two of my favorite tracks off of "Traveling Like the Light".Smooches!
by HEAVY ROTATION on Mar 18, 2010

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