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Mawlid By Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ya'qoubi

World Renown Scholar Of Islam, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ya'qoubi Give A talk On Celebrating the Birthday Of The Blessed Prophet Muhammed (May Peace and Blessings be Upon Him). May God Almighty Give Him (peace and blessings be upon his greatness) The Highes...
by 4lch3m1st on Feb 14, 2011

A Century of Guidance

Sh. Muhammad al-Yaqoubi on the passing of Sheikh 'Abd al-Rahman al-Shaghouri (radhiAllahu anhu).
by 4lch3m1st on Jan 25, 2010

A Compendium of Knowledge - Sh Muhammad Al- Yaqoubi

by 4lch3m1st on Dec 30, 2009

Love for prophet Muhammad (s a w)

by 4lch3m1st on Dec 17, 2009

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