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Bunchin Paperweights - beautiful Japanese iron ornaments

文鎮 Shodo, or Japanese calligraphy, is an art that is very much alive and well in Japan. The implements used in shodo include a paperweight, or bunchin ("boon-chin") for the parchment while you brush the characters in ink.  Bunchin pap...
by Goods From Japan Blog on Mar 16, 2013

Kaligrafi Jepang semakin diminati di Medan

ilustrasi Seniman dan penulis kaligrafi Jepang Sachiyo Kaneko beraksi menuliskan kaligrafi. (FOTO REUTERS/Bernardo Montoya) Medan (ANTARA News) – Seni kaligrafi Jepang atau “Shodo” semakin diminatiContinue Reading »...
by on Mar 18, 2012

Kaisho and gyosho: two calligraphy styles

楷書 行書Shodo, or shuji, is the Japanese art of calligraphy. There are several different styles of Japanese characters, corresponding to fonts in the Western alphabet.Two of the most popular are kaisho 楷書: the regular block style that lo...
by Japan Visitor on Jun 16, 2010

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