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Short Funky Hairstyles

Funky hair is just crazy hair with cool style. The idea of funky hair came about enough time hippies started to form around the globe. It’s true. The era of [...]...
by Best Women Short Hairstyles on Sep 8, 2012

Funky Short Hairstyles

  A common characteristic of a funky hairstyle is a colored hair, which you can accomplish on your own or with a stylist. When you want to do the former, you can buy a dye in your favourite salon. Make sure that the directions usually printed at...
by Short Hairstyles In Motion on Mar 5, 2012

Short funky hairstyles

Hairstyles are a reflection of who you are and what you think of yourselves. Your choice of hairstyle is just one of the important things you should consider in taking care of yourself.Always remember before you take that drastic measure and cut your...
by Celebrity Style on Sep 19, 2011

Funky Hairstyles

Teenage is a time to explore and to try out new styles, be it in clothes, look or even accessories. Hair cuts and hair styles are much experimented during teenage. Youth is the vibrance of life and missing out in trying styles is certainly not recomm...

funky short hair styles

         Short and funky hairstyles are all the rage when it comes to people trying to seek out a different style.Funky hairstyles can be obtained through the use of various coloring techniques. Funky hairstyles can include multiple colors b...
by Prom Hairstyles Insight on Sep 26, 2010

2010 Various Tipe Short Hairstyles for Women

Short hair style have been tried by every woman at some point of their life. This style makes hair quite manageable and this style rarely goes out of fashion. Short hair styles can either be straight or curly and accentuated with highlights and e...
by Women's Hair Styles on Aug 17, 2010

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