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The Removal Of All The Aliens That Make Us Last In Our Own Home Must Be Removed Over Time

Written By James Allan | 12-14-2016The removal of all aliens is what we want and this is whats best for the personal financial stability of the U.S. Citizens that built this country over time and toil. Our grandparents and their grandparents struggle...
by Tea Party Main Street on Dec 14, 2016

"Fake News" is produced by the democrat party and rino libertarian republicans

By James Allan 12-14-2016The government council that oversees the 17 intelligence agencies in the U.S. deny's the democrat assumption that the russians hacked into any of the voting systems to back Donald Trump. This government council sites, "N...
by Tea Party Main Street on Dec 13, 2016

No Blind Trust Needed For Donald Trump Assets. Attach An Inspector General To Monitor Trump Organization Business Activity

Give the Trump Organization you Donald Trumps children with  no blind trust and assign an Inspector General to monitor income to Trump properties. No blind trust needed. As long as foreigners are paying going rates at Trump properties no violati...
by Tea Party Main Street on Dec 13, 2016

Congratulations To Jimmy Johnson The 7 Time Nascar Champion. Chicago Cubs, Donald Trump And Now Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson, 2016 Nascar 7 Time ChampionThe Chicago Cubs win the World Series, Donald Trump wins the presidency and now Jimmy Johnson wins the Nascar championship the 7th time all in 2016? Well, if these all are not your favorite personalities and...
by Tea Party Main Street on Nov 22, 2016

Writing is Good for the Soul

 From an early age books swept me away to better places where magical things happened to innocent children. Where mean giants were slain, frogs turned into princes, and even a poisonous apple was not enough to keep love from prevailing over evi...

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