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Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby Shower Etiquette When it comes to planning a baby shower certainly need to follow a few baby shower etiquette rules to ensure that you will have a successful event. Who will be the host? Traditionally, a non-relative would host the baby shower.

{Advice} 5 Bridal Shower Faux Pas to Avoid

Ever scratch your head over the idea of a bridal shower, especially when it comes to etiquette? I know I sure did, and I may have done a few faux pas things, although I tried really hard to not go against the grain, and for all involved to be happy.
by Savvy Deets Bridal on Mar 5, 2014

Reasons to be concerned about when planning the bridal shower

There is a first in everything and as the bride has her unique experience so it is with bridesmaids and each and every person in the wedding. It is obvious that some have no idea from where to start when to plan the bridal shower but more than this t...
by Wedding Beauty on Oct 15, 2012

Second Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Your invitation wording may be either generic or specific. If you know the gender with the baby, then you need to make gender specific wording for the invitation. You can find wonderful little sayings for baby boys, in addition to wonderful sayings f...
by Baby Shower Invitations on Oct 14, 2012

Bridal Shower Do's and Don'ts

Bridal showers can be a especially special and enjoyable event for the bride-to-be as properly as the guests. The greatest of them are full of laughter, enjoy, and excellent memories. The worst bridal showers, yet, are tacky, greedy, or rude. To make...
by Wedding Games Ideas on Oct 12, 2011

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