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Ikebukuro SUNSHINE CITY "Mensore Okinawa Festa"

I went to "Mensore Okinawa festa" in SUNSHINE CITY.There was a lot of delicious food of Okinawa〓I ate "Agalasir".It was a steamed bread with brown sugar, and delicious〓〓〓Okinawa festa is held until June 5.Official Web site...
by Juli's favorite things on May 30, 2016

Jindai Botanical Gardens

We went to "Tokyo Metropolitan Jindai Botanical Gardens".The greenhouse was reopened〓There are exhibition rooms with orchid , begonia and water lily.Head over heels...Begonia are very big〓Like a rose〓The Rose Festival is over at the e...
by Juli's favorite things on May 28, 2016

Kumamoto prefecture

Kumamoto prefecture is beautiful and dynamic place.There is a famous castle "Kumamoto-jou".There is an active volcano "Aso-san".There are many good hot spring.There are many delicious foods.エキサイティング熊本Kumamoto w...
by Juli's favorite things on Apr 15, 2016


Tulips are in full bloom now〓〓〓This is the Yumenoshima park in Tokyo.Tulip's red and canola's yellow.This is my favorite one〓They aren't the roses but tulips.Purple tulip was pretty〓Yumenoshima park
by Juli's favorite things on Apr 10, 2016

Ohanami in Asukayama

Asukayama is famous for its cherry-blossoms from the Edo era.I went to Asukayama for Ohanami (viewing cherry-blossoms) with Fumi today.Full bloom〓It was beautiful〓〓〓Many people enjoyed parties under the cherry trees.Some entertainments were..
by Juli's favorite things on Apr 3, 2016

Ohanami(Cherry blossom viewing)

Tokyo is in ohanami season now〓〓〓Shiba-daijinguu shrine's sakura.Iidabashi's sakura.It will become in full blossom tomorrow〓...
by Juli's favorite things on Apr 1, 2016


Daikanyama in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, is an upscale residential area with many fashionable shops.LOG ROAD DAIKANYAMA is the new spot that just started a business last year.There were the roadways of Tokyu-line once.Trademark is roadways, and t..
by Juli's favorite things on Mar 27, 2016


Yesterday I visited NICO NICO HONSHA(head office).NICO NICO DOUGA is a video sharing website in Japan managed by Dwango.The head office locates in Ikebukuro.There are some studios, stage, cafe and shop.My friend bought some dolls of MSSP.MS..
by Juli's favorite things on Jan 31, 2016

Winter Illumination 2015 at Tokyo Dome City

We went to the "Tokyo Dome City" for seeing the winter illumination〓Tokyo Dome City is very wide amusement park〓There were some illumination for lovers〓Please enjoy them〓Tokyo Dome City official web site
by Juli's favorite things on Jan 9, 2016

Winter Illumination in 2015 (Ikebukuro SUNSHINE CITY)

Christmas season has come〓This is the Christmas illumination in Ikebukuro SUNSHINE CITY.Its color changes like aurora, and pretty〓Ikebukuro SUNSHINE CITY
by Juli's favorite things on Nov 28, 2015

Tsukinomatsu in Ueno

It's Sunday today.But Fumi had to go to work〓So I went to the "Ueno no mori" art museum alone.However...Days closed〓〓〓I took a walk in Ueno Park.Autumn Leaves...〓I found a wonderful spot.This is "月の松 Tsukinomatsu"...
by Juli's favorite things on Nov 15, 2015


It's Halloween season, now〓The Halloween event is now being held at Venus Fort.GLAY LiB CAFE HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2015〓GLAY is very famous Japanese rock band.In this event, guests can play the crane game and buy the limited goods〓〓〓On a speciall...
by Juli's favorite things on Oct 19, 2015

Yokohama Masobyou

I went shopping to Yokohama China Town today.I bought some Chinese tea and visited a sightseeing spot.It was Yokohama Masobyou (Yokohama Maso Temple).Masobyou is a temple of the Chinese Taoism.Maso(Mazu) is a Chinese goddess of the sea.The ..
by Juli's favorite things on Aug 29, 2015

Owl cafe

I went to the ふくろうカフェ(Owl Cafe) today.There are some owl cafe in Tokyo.I went to Akihabara's "Owl no mori(アウルの森)".We paid 890 yen (it includes admission fee with 1 soft drink, tax-included)There were about ten ow...
by Juli's favorite things on Aug 22, 2015

Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai(Sumida river Fireworks festival)

Today is the Hanabi Taikai of Sumida River〓I'm watching it on TV〓〓I found some live movies in Ustream↓ you watch with us?〓...
by Juli's favorite things on Jul 25, 2015

Meiji Seimei Kan

I visited the Meiji Seimei Kan Building in Marunouchi with Fumi today.Meiji Seimei Kan Building is a Japanese important cultural property.It was completed in 1934.It's still used as a store of the life insurers on weekdays.We can visit ther..
by Juli's favorite things on Jul 4, 2015

Edo-Tokyo Tatemonoen (Edo-tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum)

I went to the "Edo-Tokyo Tatemonoen"(Edo-tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum) in Koganei city.There are many old style Japanese architectures.This building was the Cosmetic Manufacture, "Murakami Seikado".Constructed in 1928.Rebui...
by Juli's favorite things on Jun 13, 2015

Kairaku-en garden

Do you know the Japanese Histrical drama "Mito-Komon" ?【日本TVドラマ】<連続>水戸黄門 15部 1 西村晃 TV ,アクション, ,That's a story of Tokugawa Mitsukuni(1628-1701).He was Ieyasu TOKUGAWA'S grandson, an...
by Juli's favorite things on May 2, 2015


We had a trip to Ibaraki prifecture today〓Here is the HITACHI SEASIDE PARK(Hinachinaka, Ibaraki).Our purpose was the nemophila in bloom.The Blue flowers under the blue sky.The sea was blue, too〓〓〓This is a cafe "Glass house".It was...
by Juli's favorite things on May 1, 2015

Kanda myoujin shrine

It's a holiday today.We went to famous sightseeing spot "Kanda myoujin shrine".Because my mother wanted to go there for long time.A wedding ceremony was held〓おめでとうございます(Omedetou gozaimasu = Congratulation)〓〓〓We f...
by Juli's favorite things on Apr 29, 2015

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