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ProScript Pharmacy System by Lexicom Computer Systems

LexiCom Computer Systems, LLC has been providing independent pharmacies with affordable Pharmacy System solutions for over 29 years. The ProScript Pharmacy System is an easy to use, fully integrated package that includes prescription dispensing, prof...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 3, 2011

Speed Script Pharmacy Management Systems

Simplifying and streamlining the prescription filling processing is what Speed Script is all about. Fast, intuitive, user friendly, and accurate - You won’t fill another prescription like you will with Speed Script! Take a look at the all-inclusive...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 3, 2011

BestRx Pharmacy Management System

Since 1985, Best Computer Systems has been providing community pharmacies with quality and affordable technology solutions. Our main product, the BestRx Pharmacy Management System, is an easy to use yet feature rich system with advanced capabilities...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 3, 2011

SuiteRx Pharmacy Software

In today's turbulent healthcare environment savvy pharmacy owners choose business partners with technology tools that will enable them to streamline operations while improving patient care – SuiteRx is that partner!The SuiteRx Intelligent Pharmacy...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 3, 2011

Electronic Signature Capture by Abacus Rx

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE CAPTUREDo you find that juggling the administrative requirements needed to capture, store and retrieve patients’ signatures, combined with keeping up with your daily responsibilities, leaves you less time for your patients? Our...
by Visual Pharmacy Plus on Aug 17, 2010

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