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by HQWallpaperz on May 8, 2016

You're Invited (So Come!) FMS146

Here is a quick card I made this morning from scraps of other cards.  I'm loving this sketch from Freshly Made Sketches and I just had to get in on it before it closes today. Such a simple design with so much possibility. I can't wait...
by Minooka Stamper on Jul 28, 2014

Getting Sketchy

Reading other design blogs is totally addictive – a perk of my addiction is that I’ve been turned onto about a zillion cool ideas and sources that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about.  For example, Camilla recently blogged about...
by It's Great To Be Home on Jan 31, 2014

Telestrations the Telephone Game Sketched Out!

Telestrations the Telephone Game Sketched Out! Perfect For Parties and Family Fun LOL Fun For Everyone! Award Winning Party Game Great Ice Breaker No Drawing Skills Required; Share The Laughter, Spread the fun The “Telephone Game” Tur...
by on Jan 14, 2014

Impressive Kishu Sketched Reality by Maya Selway

Impressive Kishu Sketched Reality by Maya SelwayLook nearer at these images of the work of Maya Selway. initially look it seems Maya is an accomplished creative person employing a pen and paper, with barely of simplicity to her work. once you look ne...
by Design Of Furniture on Oct 8, 2013

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