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Hey! That Used To Be Me!

Well, this is day four of my fledgling food sobriety, and days one two and three passed without drama. I’m doing okay. I ate more crumpets last night than I’d intended after my fat furnace workout – four, not two – and yes I k...
by Break Out The Skinny Girl on Dec 14, 2016

This Wasn’t Part Of The Plan

Well, yesterday’s post really struck a chord with you lot, and I’ll tell you what else, it reconfirmed to me that I’m not alone in this journey. I’m not the only one who has an asshole living inside my head and just because I...
by Break Out The Skinny Girl on Nov 18, 2016

It’s Because I’m Fat!

Occasionally, when I throw some words out there in a blog post they come back to me like a boomerang, you know? My head sends them down through my fingertips onto the page, but it’s like a carbon copy of them gets stuck inside my head and that...
by Break Out The Skinny Girl on Jul 14, 2016

Who Saw THAT One Coming!

Well, I’ll be damned! Who’d have thought it..? They said it would happen…to be fair, you lot pointed out that it would happen, and I nodded along of course, because you’re a bunch of wise old beans who know stuff. But genuinel...
by Break Out The Skinny Girl on Apr 10, 2016

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