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Tammy Plotner – The Night Sky Companion A Yearly Guide to Sky-Watching 2008-2009

The Night Sky Companion is a comprehensive guide to what can be explored in the heavens on a nightly basis. Designed to appeal to readers at all skill levels and involvement, it provides a digest for sky watchers interested in all-in-one-place inform...
by Tutorials For Download on Dec 5, 2016

Top 5 Star Gazing Apps For International Astronomy Day

McDonald Observatory Flickr CC by 2.0 Today is International Astronomy Day, so lets celebrate by looking up. Created in 1973, the holiday’s mission involves sharing the joy of astronomy with the general public; astronomy clubs, planetariums, league...
by Cnet Analysis on Oct 4, 2014

Sky Watching February 2013 15 & 16

Sky Watching   February 15                       A near-Earth asteroid – called 2012 DA14 will pass very close to Earth               ...
by Amazing Astronomy on Feb 12, 2013

Sky Watching January

Sky WatchingJanuary, 2013     Mercury will be too close to the sun for observation this month.          Venus is now low in the southeast at sunrise, heading towards superior conjunction with the sun...
by Amazing Astronomy on Jan 22, 2013

Sky Watching Dec - 25

Sky Watching  2012, December, 25                                    We...
by Amazing Astronomy on Dec 24, 2012

Sky Watching Dec 18 - 25

Sky Watching 2012,December,18-25               Tue., December 18, 4 a.m.                                Ceres at opposit...
by Amazing Astronomy on Dec 18, 2012

Sky Watching December 14 & 18

Sky Watching2012,December,14&18           Fri., December 14, midnight–dawn                        G...
by Amazing Astronomy on Dec 12, 2012

Sky Watching December 9-11

Sky Watching2012,December 9-11         Sun., December 9, 3 a.m                    Vesta at opposition :         &nb...
by Amazing Astronomy on Dec 7, 2012

Sky Watching Dec 3&4

Sky Watching2012,December,3&4   December 3                    Jupiter at opposition   Tue., December 4, dawn                 Mercur...
by Amazing Astronomy on Dec 2, 2012

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