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Putting out fires: Managers who “want it now” or “want it yesterday” are managing from a deficit

Does your manager create fires on your team? Here are some sources of “fires” and how managers can better handle them.
by Manager by Design on Jun 3, 2013

Performance feedback must be related to a performance

Managers often use their interactions with employees as a review of work output. This creates two jobs for the employee – the job and the job of interacting with the manager. Let’s try sticking to one job. read moreShare and Enjoy • Fa...
by Manager by Design on Jan 23, 2012

Examples of how peer feedback from surveys is misused by managers

Peer feedback from surveys gives lots of information to managers about their employees. However, this info can be easily misused. Let’s run through the list of ways this “feedback” causes problems. read more...
by Manager by Design on Feb 16, 2011

On the inherent absurdity of stack ranking and the angst it produces in employees

Stack ranking employees is most often based on impressions and impressions of impressions of employees. Is this the best way to evaluate employees? read more...
by Manager by Design on Jan 31, 2011

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