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크로아티아 여행 자그레브에서 두브로브니크까지 프롤로그

by Photo and Story on Dec 14, 2016

Why You Should Visit Bohinj, Slovenia

With its towering mountain peaks, deep clear lakes and tumbling waterfalls, hiking trails and ski slopes, Bohinj is one of Slovenia’s top destinations for adventure travel. Set in the breathtaking Julian Alps and partially within Triglav National P...
by on Nov 3, 2016

Lithuania vs Slovenia 2-2 Highlights 2016 World Cup Qualification

Lithuania held a 2-2 draw against Slovenia in the match of World Cup Qualification. Lithuania vs Slovenia match ended with 2-2 scoreline in World Cup Qualification 2016.  Lithuania vs Slovenia 2-2 Highlights Video Clips World Cup Qualifica...
by Goals Aim on Sep 5, 2016

Melania Trump says on Twitter 'I'm legal' amid immigration controversy

Melania Trump has taken to Twitter to defend herself against allegations she flouted US immigration laws. Photo / APMelania Trump has taken to Twitter to slam claims that she flouted immigration laws in her effort to become an American citizen.Trump'...

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Slovenia amid tensions with EU, NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and Slovenian President Borut Pahor speak during their meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 30, 2016. (Photo by Reuters)Russian President Vladimir Putin has traveled to Slovenia, a member of the European Union (EU...

Govt reportedly planning real estate tax for 2019

The daily Delo has reported that a council in charge of coordinating a renewed effort to introduce a real estate tax has set March 2019 for the start of a gradual introduction of the tax for certain property.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 11, 2016

Slovenia vs Turkey 0-1 Highlights 2016 Friendly

Slovenia suffered a defeat against Turkey in the match of International Friendly. Slovenia vs Turkey match ended with 0-1 scoreline in International Friendly 2016.  Slovenia vs Turkey 0-1 Highlights Video Clips International Friendly 201...
by Goals Aim on Jun 5, 2016

Sweden vs Slovenia 0-0 Highlights 2016 Friendly

Sweden held a goalless draw against Slovenia in the match of International Friendly. Sweden vs Slovenia match ended with 0-0 scoreline in International Friendly 2016.  Sweden vs Slovenia 0-0 Highlights Video Clips International Friendly ...
by Goals Aim on May 30, 2016

17 of the World’s Most Extraordinary National Parks

Yellowstone was the world’s first national park. As the US National Park Service turns 100 years old this year, people from around the country (and globe) are flocking to these iconic reserves. US National Parks now number more than 400 and welcome...
by Viator Travel Blog on May 25, 2016

Ljubljana - Why The Capital City Was The Most Disappointing Place in Slovenia

The title of this post is a bit tricky - it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy my time in Ljubljana or that it's an ugly city. I chose this title to be somewhat controversial because this is what attracts people nowadays. In reality, it'...
by Adventurous Travels on Apr 7, 2016

Northern Ireland vs Slovenia 1-0 Highlights 2016 Friendly

Northern Ireland registered a win against Slovenia in the match of International Friendly. Northern Ireland vs Slovenia match ended with 1-0 scoreline in International Friendly 2016. Northern Ireland vs Slovenia 1-0 Highlights Video Clips Internation...
by Goals Aim on Mar 28, 2016

Slovenia vs Macedonia 1-0 Highlights 2016 Friendly

Slovenia registered a win against Macedonia in the match of International Friendly. Slovenia vs Macedonia match ended with 1-0 scoreline in International Friendly 2016. Slovenia vs Macedonia 1-0 Highlights Video Clips International Friendly 2016 Matc...
by Goals Aim on Mar 23, 2016

Looking for unique family holidays for you and your children? Head to Eastern Europe

It can be difficult to choose the right family holiday; in fact the older your children get the more difficult it is to find something that will appeal to everyone. Thankfully there are options in..
by hotel travel on Mar 4, 2016

Oh, BTW, I Thoroughly Recommend Slovenia

I’m not big on counting countries. But it hadn’t escaped my notice that I hadn’t visited a new country for a whole two years, although... Are we connected on Facebook? Click here. Copyright EscapeArtistes.   ...
by Travels with a Nine Year Old on Jan 29, 2016

In Translation: January Fiction and Poetry

This first “In Translation” post of 2016 is brought to you by Denmark, Japan, Russia, and Finland, and by 208, which is the number of pages in THREE OUT OF FOUR of the books I’ve highlighted here. That was not … Continued The...
by Book Riot on Jan 18, 2016

Explore Some of Europe’s Unique Sights

Most world travelers have already been to Paris, London and Rome, so they might be looking for some unique Europe sights to visit. We have compiled this short list of places for those seeking some of Europe’s little known treasures. But be...
by on Jan 15, 2016

10 of the Most Luxurious Places to Visit

Guest-posting for the Chronicles of Wanderlust is: Kacey Mya Bradley, a lifestyle blogger from The Drift Collective. Most of us have very specific places in mind when we think of luxurious destinations. We think of fancy chateaus in France, or pentho...
by The Chronicles of Wanderlust. on Nov 30, 2015

Tv locali, pubblicate regole affitto frequenze

L’Agcom ha pubblicato le procedure che permetteranno alle tv locali orfane delle frequenze di affittare banda trasmissiva dagli altri operatori di rete. Le emittenti che cederanno i propri MUX volontariamente per i noti problemi di interferenze...
by Tv Digital Divide on Nov 29, 2015

Telejato è salva, fuori dalla rottamazione delle frequenze

La tv locale palermitana antimafia Telejato di Pino Maniaci potrà continuare a trasmettere liberamente. Secondo il Ministero dello sviluppo economico non è direttamente interessata dalla procedura di rottamazione delle frequenze (76 canali in tutto...
by Tv Digital Divide on Nov 26, 2015

Get to Know Outdoorsy Slovenia

I have to be honest, Slovenia was not always on my list of places to visit. I simply didn’t know much about the country. But, I did end up visiting Slovenia last summer and it completely blew me away. Slovenia is one of the most “outdoors...
by on Nov 16, 2015

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