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You Can Get High Views And Tips Touching Photography In The Following Article

There is much more aspects to producing quality photos than just pointing and recognizable shots. It really is a method of an artistic expression. There are many different techniques that can be used in your pictures. You must know what is beautiful,...
by Conikony on Jul 16, 2014

Undestanding How Your Camera Works In Composing Images

Are you frustrated by the outcome of your photographs? Test different settings on the camera such as shutter speeds for searching for what works for various situations. Photography lets you get that split-second moment or show motion over time period...
by Conikony on Jul 3, 2014

Slow Shutter Shots

Slow Shutter Shots ‘Slow shutter shots’ have been used to create some very dreamy and soothing images.Slow shutter shots are those shots which are taken at slow shutter speed exposing the camera sensor to a comparatively longer duration of time.
by Indian Digital Artists on Aug 24, 2013

Photo of the Week: Seoul’s Gwanghwamun at Nighttime

Seoul is a beautiful city. From flowing streams, to mountainous hiking trails, to open plazas, Seoul had something to offer anyone who can find beauty amid urban chaos. When I first arrived nearly three years ago, the city center was in the finishing...
by Tripologist on Dec 13, 2012

Photography Tips: Shooting Waterfall Using The Slow Shutter Speed Technique.

Location: Bukit Hijau Waterfall, Kulim, Kedah.For me, photographing a waterfall is a passion. I love the coolness, the sound of rushing of water and the serenity of the place. One of the technique that I prefer for photographing a waterfall is the sl...
by Syed Alfandi Photography on Mar 16, 2012

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