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Living In Maine, Small Rural Town Decision Making.

Common sense and being forward thinking are two skills true dyed in the wool Mainers possess in great supply. Small Maine towns survive if resistance to change is removed, if creative brainstorming is done. To figure out what do we do now? Way way be...
by MeInMaine Blog on Aug 20, 2016

Living Our Lives In Locked Chains, Never Knowing We Have The Key.

The Eagles had some neat, catchy wisdom snippets packed into the measures of their many hit songs. Philosophy on life in three four or more time. Forty song quotes from the Eagles. The combination of words, putting a different spin on the topic and s...
by MeInMaine Blog on Oct 21, 2015

Where You Get Your Information In A Small Maine Town.

What is happening, going on in a small Maine town is pretty easy to follow. Because small rural living in a lower population concentration. A state like Maine means intimate, connected, extra special is how we roll. You don’t wait until the new...
by MeInMaine Blog on Dec 15, 2014

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