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laundry room ideas for small spaces with pictures

by Home Decorating Ideas on Dec 15, 2016

Dining Room Decorating Ideas

by Home Decorating Ideas on Dec 13, 2016

How to Build a Catalog Inspired Corner Cabinet

Hey there, I’m Scott, the DIYer behind Saws on Skates and I’m sooo excited to be a new contributor here at Remodelaholic! I’ve always admired all of the unique Remodelaholic projects, so to be part of this amazing, creative team is a hu...
by Remodelaholic on Dec 7, 2016


As an interior designer and lover of all things beautiful, I love re-purposing furniture. It’s not only good for the environment, but it can also be cost-effective, charming, and out-of-the-ordinary. Here are 13 examples of unconventional bathr...
by Nancy Meadows Designs on Aug 26, 2016


There are any number of reasons why you may choose to rent rather than purchase a home. You may be downsizing and simply don’t wish to have the burdens that come with home ownership. When the sink leaks, for instance, you’d rather call th...
by Nancy Meadows Designs on Aug 19, 2016


Having recently completed one master bathroom remodel and about to start another, I definitely have bathrooms on the brain. One of the biggest challenges is having ample storage space that is functional and esthetically beautiful and visually calming...
by Nancy Meadows Designs on Aug 12, 2016

A Tiny Apartments Roundup: 500-Square-Foot or Less Spaces

500 square feet may not seem like a lot of space. But to some, it’s more than enough to create a comfortable and welcoming home. And we have more than enough of these tiny apartments waiting to give us inspiration right on our own website. We gathe...
by khairuddinuad on Jul 22, 2016

Various Options when Looking the Best Sofas for Small Spaces

In today’s world, where space is such a premium, you’re not alone in looking for sofas for small spaces. If you’re pressed for space and are worried about finding the right type of furniture, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by...
by Interior Decor Tips on Jul 5, 2016

3 Creative Closet Ideas for Bedrooms Without Them

So you found the perfect apartment. It checks nearly all of the boxes on your must-have features list; whether they be oversized windows that flood the space with natural light, or original details that showcase its history without looking outdated.
by khairuddinuad on Jul 5, 2016

Livi Livens Up Potted Plants with Vertical Hanging Gardens

Livi, “a versatile planter for virtually any vertical surface,” reimagines how we incorporate plants into our lives. Instead of exiling dusty potted plants to unfrequented corners, Livi creates a vertical hanging garden. Herbs can be kept close a...
by khairuddinuad on Jun 22, 2016

10 Modern Micro-Apartments for Living Large in Big Cities

The micro-apartment. It’s real estate’s newest buzzword. At this point, we all know about the revolutionary “tiny house movement”. Now, city dwellers are getting a taste of the tiny lifestyle in some impressive modern apartments. These new de...
by khairuddinuad on Jun 18, 2016

Interior Design Tips to Make Small Living Rooms Look Bigger

If you have small living rooms chances are you also have small furniture and fixtures to match. When you have small living rooms, it won’t hurt if you have a few larger pieces. These larger pieces act as the focal point of your living room. Use a l...
by Interior Decor Tips on May 14, 2016

Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces

One of the biggest challenges to any homeowner is design and decorate small spaces. If you have a small bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, you will have to give special attention to interior designing these spaces wisely. For this purpose, a little planni...
by on Apr 27, 2016

Fun Ideas and Ways to Organize your Fabric, Crafts and Yarn Storage

Home Organizer Storage BasketsWhen it comes to storing my yarn and craft supplies I have a habit of just placing the yarn in baskets like the ones above, which is great for mobile projects. But when it comes to storing items I typically keep them in...
by Craft drawer on Apr 24, 2016


Almost all homes being built today or re-modeled, have an open concept design. Simply put, the kitchen, dining, and living areas become one open space. While still enormously popular, for this week’s post I’m going to play devil’s a...
by Nancy Meadows Designs on Apr 1, 2016

Affordable Living Room Decor Ideas

Not everyone really has a limited budget for decorating their living room, so that affordable living room decor is an important thing to consider. Many people’s living room is a direct reflection of their financial difficulties, even consists o...
by Interior Design on Mar 31, 2016

Suitable Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Narrow place sometimes make us feel bored because we cannot add furniture that we like. Narrow place usually has a boring design. Though there are many interior design ideas for small spaces that can be used as a source of inspiration for designing a...
by Interior Design on Mar 29, 2016


There’s one area of the home that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. That would be the foyer. Because it’s a pass-through place and not where we linger, it’s often not given the consideration that the other rooms ar...
by Nancy Meadows Designs on Mar 4, 2016

Small Apartment in Sweden Is a Contemporary Urban Oasis

This 610-square-foot home combines turn-of-the-century charm and contemporary design.The post Small Apartment in Sweden Is a Contemporary Urban Oasis appeared first on
by khairuddinuad on Feb 24, 2016

Custom Loft Maximizes Space in Tiny San Francisco Condo

A loft unit transformed this home into a dynamic space with two beds, storage space and a work area with a white board.The post Custom Loft Maximizes Space in Tiny San Francisco Condo appeared first on
by khairuddinuad on Feb 21, 2016

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