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Diese 3 antiken Kräuter hat (fast) jeder Deutsche im eigenen Garten – Vorsicht lecker! Kräuter – So alt wie die Menschheit

Die Geschichte der Kräuter geht bis auf den Beginn der Menschheit zurück – Schon in der Altsteinzeit sollen Menschen sich den vielfältigen Nutzen von Kräutern zu eigen gemacht haben. Zunächst waren sie vor allem rituelle Hilfsmittel und be...
by ANTIK - NATUR on Dec 9, 2016

How to Make a Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Blueberries are my favorite fruit next to apples. You can be assured that if you visit, you will find blueberries in the freezer and apples in the fruit bin. I rely on these for healthy snacking. A Blueberry Banana Smoothie is a low calorie, nutrien...
by Spinach Tiger on Nov 29, 2016

Kostenloses E-Book: Über 100 Rezepte für Smoothies (PDF)

Kostenloses E-Book: Über 100 Rezepte für Smoothies (PDF) Smoothies sind selbstgemachte Drinks aus frischem Obst und Gemüse, die große Portionen an Vitalstoffen liefern. Und das Beste: Sie sehen nicht nur toll aus, sondern schmecken auch unwiderst...
by twoorl blogging on Nov 12, 2016

Smoothies Mangga Manila & Epal Hijau

Bahan-bahan:2 biji mangga manila - kupas kulit dan potong ikut saiz yang disukai2 biji epal hijau - buang biji dan potong ikut suka175ml yogurt asli200ml susu segar2 sudu makan gula pasirCara:1. Sejukbekukan mangga dan epal selama 4-5 jam.2. Masukkan...
by Resepi Masakan Malaysia on Sep 2, 2016

Raspberry lemonade with blueberries

Refreshing, tart and slightly sweet, this easy raspberry lemonade with fresh blueberries is a great drink for warm days, perfect for sipping in the sunshine! Raspberry Lemonade with Blueberries Summer may be officially over soon but happy, sunny days...
by The Seaman Mom on Aug 29, 2016

Frosted lemonade recipe

On a hot summer day, it’s pretty hard to beat a refreshing glass of frosted lemonade. With just a few ingredients, this delicious drink is ready in minutes! Frosted Lemonade If you’re a Chick-fil-A fan you most likely fell pretty hard for...
by The Seaman Mom on Aug 22, 2016

Nutrition Tips for Toddlers with SMA ® PRO Toddler Milk

Coming to the end of nursing if you've breastfed can be an emotional time. I know it was for me.
by Mummy's Got Style on Jul 23, 2016

Orange Mango Green Smoothie

This orange mango green smoothie is only 185 calories per serving. It’s delicious and refreshing and it has a whopping vitamin C content, giving you a huge boost to help you start your day! An orange mango green smoothie, what else could be so...
by Neils Healthy Meals on Jul 13, 2016

Klarstein Herakles Smoothie Profi Mixer

Der Klarstein Herakles Smoothie Mixer hat ein klasse Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis und ist ein gutes Gerät, um das eigene Smoothie-Abendteuer zu starten. Der Beitrag Klarstein Herakles Smoothie Profi Mixer erschien zuerst auf Fitness Tracker Test.
by Fitness Tracker Test on Jul 11, 2016

Warum sind grüne Smoothies so gesund?

Wir freuen uns einen exklusiven Gastbeitrag einer absoluten Smoothie-Expertin mit euch teilen zu können. Irina Pawassar ist mehrfache Buch-Autorin zum Thema Smoothies und Grüne Smoothies und teilt in diesem Artikel ein paar Gedanken zu dem Thema Gr...
by Fitness Tracker Test on Jul 6, 2016

Cara Membuat Smoothies Strawberry Spesial Nikmat

Cara Membuat Smoothies Strawberry Spesial Nikmat – Buah strawberry adalah buah yang tumbuh di daerah pegunungan yang udaranya cukup sejuk, sehingga buah ini lebih terlihat kesegarannya dan sangat menarik jika kita pernah berkunjung ke kebun bua...
by Resep Gurih on Jun 17, 2016

Simple & Easy Green Smoothie

Get your free green smoothie booklet now >> Over the years, I’ve made a LOT of green smoothies. And I’ve gotten pretty fancy with some of them. I’ll add all kinds of fun and good-for-you ingredients, like bee pollen, chia...

No-Bake Desserts for Good to Know Recipes

Summer is here and it’s hotting up so today I’m sharing three really easy recipes that require little effort and no baking! Hope you enjoy them, you can find the recipe links below which will take you straight to them on the Good to Know site. As...
by on Jun 10, 2016

Free 5 Day Self-Care Reset Challenge- Are you In?

Back by popular demand and with perfect timing now that school is out or almost out, join the 5 day self-care reset challenge because it’s fun, all about YOU, a wonderful chance to give yourself some TLC and a great way to … Continue re...
by Art Lessons for Kids on Jun 2, 2016

Salad Stop! Opens Its Newest Branch in Burgos Circle, BGC #EatWideAwake

Salad Stop!, the favorite go-to salad bar in the country, opened its newest branch in Burgos Circle last April. Salad Stop! has been serving healthy alternative meals in Singapore, before the SSI Group finally brought the concept here in the Philippi...
by Itsberyllicious on Jun 1, 2016

5 Ways to Incorporate Green Smoothies Into Your Life

The following is excerpted from my free green smoothie e-book. Click here to grab your copy now!  As the weather warms up, we start to enter green smoothie season! Wondering how to best incorporate green smoothies into your life? Here... The post 5...

Resep Membuat Smoothies Strawberry Segar Nikmat

Resep Membuat Smoothies Strawberry Segar Nikmat – Dipenulisan kemarin kita bahas resepnya tentang sajian minuman smoothies pisang, nah untuk untuk penulisan kali ini kami akan buat sajian smoothies strawberry. Pastinya bagi anda yang menggemari...
by Dapur Shofie on May 1, 2016

Gastric Sleeve Diet Discussion

I just read Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success: A Practical Patient Guide to Help Maximize Your Weight Loss Results by Dr Duc Vuong. I’d recommend this book for all bariatric patients, because he embraces a whole foods approach to recovery and est...
by on Apr 25, 2016

Base Recipe for Pureed Veg & Soups

I refuse to believe that you have to eat nothing but protein shakes and fruit smoothies for 2 months – as the diet plan from the nutritionist indicated. Just because you can’t eat much, does not mean that you have to eat flavourless goo.
by on Apr 16, 2016

Wake Up To Organic 2016 Breakfast – Cool Green Smoothie

The launch for Wake Up To Organic 2016 has begun and I am on board, in association with The Soil Association and The Organic Trade Board to bring you some achievable ways to make the switch to organic products at your breakfast table, starting with m...
by how to cook good fpod on Apr 10, 2016

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