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Smart move, Derek

On one of my sleepy commutes to work in the morning, this billboard advert caught my eye: Derek Ramsay's always shirtless -- in adverts, in his movies.. so all I could think about was: "This guy must only own one shirt -- which he never uses. At...
by Frustrated Sosyalera on Nov 2, 2012

Do the "Claudine"

Starting now, that's how I'll say "throwing a tantrum."  I think it's funny that saying "Don't make me angry, or else I'll do a claudine on you!" or "Damnit, I got claudined."  rolls off the tongue pretty well. Hahaha. It's the scandal of...
by Frustrated Sosyalera on May 10, 2012

Haters gon' hate

I guess this reaction is quite delayed, but as the YouTube video link for 20 Reasons I Dislike the Philippines has been taken down, I managed to track it down to its original site. A lot of people had so much to say about this video.  My opin...
by Frustrated Sosyalera on Apr 14, 2012

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