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A Message To All Health Anxiety Sufferers

For anyone currently dealing with health anxiety. The truth is once you truly understand that your condition is due to being a full time hypochondriac, and your symptoms are not a sign of impending doom, you give up the need to control your every sym...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jul 15, 2014

A Natural Solution To Stress And Anxiety

Did you know that stress and anxiety is one of the most common causes of illness in today’s society? Stress and anxiety are becoming an extremely serious problem for all of us. As the expectations that are made of each of us increase, we are under...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jul 13, 2014

An End The Anxiety Program Review

“My husband is a great believer in therapeutic programs and got me the anxiety program Tier 2. I have been going through a very stressful period because of work project deadlines, and started to feel uneasy and very anxious when I was at home,...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jul 11, 2014

Got Anxiety? Find Out If You’re A True “Over-Breather”

Many of us over-breathe without realizing that we are doing it, especially when anxious. Often it’s only when we start to feel dizzy or faint or our hands and feet start to tingle that we notice that something is wrong. The symptoms of over-...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jul 10, 2014

An Inspiring Evening Against Anxiety

An inspiring message if you're dealing with anxiety.
by The Anxious Athlete on Jul 3, 2014

The Root Of Your Anxiety Condition

Anxiety is a bit of a common phenomenon in today’s stress-filled world. Most people have already experienced the sudden palpitations, the sweaty palms, and that overwhelming sense of dread. People inherently understand the power that fear holds...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jun 16, 2014

5 Signs Your Mind Is Overly Anxious And Stressed

To be relaxed, you need to relax your body and your mind. For many people, stress takes the form of psychological distress, and you find that your mind is filled with distressing thoughts that prevent you from feeling relaxed and at ease. You may hav...
by The Anxious Athlete on May 30, 2014

The Fear Of The Unknown Keeping Your Anxiety Alive?

Your real fear doesn’t lie in the shopping mall, it doesn’t lie at your work and socializing with co-workers, it doesn’t even lie in the actual symptom of anxiety. Your real fear is alive and is fueled simply by the fear of the unknown. Do you...
by The Anxious Athlete on May 23, 2014

Dizziness And Panic From Sleeping On Your Stomach?

Many people know me as ‘The Anxiety Guy’ but I have to admit this new connection between sleeping on your stomach, and heightened symptoms of anxiety such as lightheadedness and fatigue was something I had to look further into. For me at least du...
by The Anxious Athlete on May 22, 2014

The #1 Natural Solution For Your Anxiety And Panic Disorder

  Listen, I was like you at one time as well. Constantly looking up what my symptoms of anxiety were, researching what the best anti anxiety medication could be for me etc. There’s a problem with researching these things online: Researchin...
by The Anxious Athlete on May 21, 2014

Could You Be Conditioning Yourself For Laziness By Taking Anti Anxiety Medications?

Here’s what I See; I see most of the 40 million people in the U.S. alone who will be impaired by some kind of anxiety disorder this year, headed down a road of laziness and ‘instant result syndrome.’ ‘What’s the worst th...
by The Anxious Athlete on May 17, 2014

Inspiring Message For The Day

Words to live by starting today of you deal with anxiety...
by The Anxious Athlete on May 17, 2014

What’s The Best Way You’ve Learned To Deal WIth Anxiety?

This was a question i’ve been asking people on my current email list, and have gotten may different responses lately. Some of us learn best when it’s in a 1 on 1 environment where a teacher, therapist, coach sits with the person who’...
by The Anxious Athlete on May 16, 2014

What Life Is Like After An Anxiety Disorder

Fifteen years after my father left my mom and me and took off, I started to rebuild my relationship with him. There were many questions that I asked but one stood out more than any other and that was “Why were you so hard on me in my tennis tra...
by The Anxious Athlete on May 15, 2014

Anxiety Attacks Plain And Simply Suck, But There’s Hope…

If only my friends and family truly knew what it was like dealing with anxiety attacks, their respect for me would have gone up ten-fold. People who continue to deal with anxiety attacks are some of the bravest people on this planet I know, they figh...
by The Anxious Athlete on May 14, 2014

Picking Up The Chips - Mental Health Month 2014

Alternative Title: On UnderstandingThe thing about mental illness is that even when you have good days, good months, good years, there always exists somewhere in you the fear of the if, or the when, it might or will all crumble again.Just as a quick...
by Just Call Me Frank on May 14, 2014

The Gym? Are You Nuts? Living With Chronic Health Anxiety And What You Must Do

When I look at my past and my 6 year battle with health anxiety, I realize that,any people were very misinformed when it came to what anxiety really is. I used to be told to breath, or to take some time for myself, but the truth is taking time for my...
by The Anxious Athlete on May 13, 2014

Nothing Beats A Quinoa And Green Tea Breakfast

Health begins with doing something small for yourself today.
by The Anxious Athlete on May 9, 2014

How The End The Anxiety Program Stops Generalized Anxiety And Panic Disorder

Over the past few years we’ve had amazing success with helping people to stop their generalized anxiety disorder, and panic attacks through a program called the end the anxiety program. The program was put together not my doctors, or anxiety th...
by The Anxious Athlete on May 6, 2014

Motivation Monday!

A message to anyone stuck in a cycle of constant stress, and anxiety.
by The Anxious Athlete on May 5, 2014

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