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Anxiety And Common Sense…Not So Common

Is it possible for two people to look at the same object and have completely different opinions about it? Sure, they could agree on obvious things such as the colour and shape, but each individual’s prior experiences and knowledge will determine th...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 31, 2014

Is Change Adding To Your Stress And Anxiety Levels?

Almost everyday, new discoveries and inventions take the headlines. Modern day living has caused our lifestyles to adapt to the radical changes brought about by advancement in science and technology. Along with these changes can come stress and anxie...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 30, 2014

A Book Of Total Inspiration And The Message Of The Day

A fantastic book of total inspiration and guidance for life.
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 28, 2014

Health Anxiety And GAD Shouldn’t Stop You From Doing The Things You Love

I want to share with you some very important steps I had to take in order to stop my health anxiety and GAD naturally. These steps when combined a system of ‘checking in’ that the End The Anxiety Program offers has shown to guarantee natu...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 27, 2014

By Popular Demand…The Most Inspirational And Valuable E-Book Against Anxiety Is Here!

Lately I’ve gotten some great feedback and requests through Facebook to have my Me Vs Myself On And Off The Court e-Book be available to the public, so now is your chance to become inspired and see life through the eyes of a pro athletes suffer...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 11, 2014

Which Of These 3 Obsessive Behaviors Are Keeping Your Panic And Anxiety Alive?

There are three obsessive behaviors that you are likely to be engaging in that is impeding your healing process and stopping you from enjoying a stress-free life. Recognizing these barriers can be a great first step toward getting rid of the problems...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 9, 2014

Does Social Anxiety Lead To Depression?

A defined number of people sometimes experience having a hard time in trying to interact with others. Shyness, isolation, and lack of interest prevent people from having good interactions with others. This is felt by certain individuals and gets to a...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 7, 2014

Have You Flexed Your ‘NO’ Muscles Today?

Some people aren’t willing to take no for an answer. So unless you are prepared to continue dealing with their excessive requests…do not give in anymore. Stand up and repeat your refusal, and do not give reasons or excuses either because...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 7, 2014

Top 5 Best Panic And Anxiety Supplements Reviewed

I’ve narrowed down my list of most effective supplements against anxiety and panic that worked for me. Many of these supplements can be found at your local natural health food stores but if you’re having trouble finding them, please shoot...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 6, 2014

Is Today That Day?

For most of us Monday mornings are reminders of: - What we need to get done - how difficult life may be - how tough the upcoming work week may be Remember: What you focus on you bring into your life, worry brings more worry, stress brings more stress...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 6, 2014

Writing Anxiety Eliminated In 3 Simple Steps!

Writing anxiety and writing block are informal terms that are used for pessimistic and anxious feelings about writing. Research has shown that the majority of students today exhibit unusually strong apprehension about writing. This debilitating condi...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 3, 2014

Want To Know How To Keep That New Years Resolution To End Your Anxiety Disorder?

Video Time! Do you want to keep that new years resolution to stop your anxiety disorder naturally? Here are the 4 thing that you MUST do on your journey. PS: If I look figgity…I really needed to use the washroom. Thanks for the share!
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 2, 2014

Making Your New Years Resolution To Stop Your Anxiety And Panic Attacks Naturally

The desire to overcome anxiety and panic attacks permanently is only natural considering the debilitating effects these issues can have on your life. It should be understood that while the process of overcoming these attacks does require time and ded...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jan 1, 2014

How Will You Know When You’ve Overcome Your Anxiety Disorder Completely?

Here is how you will know when you’ve recovered from your anxiety disorder: When your body has had enough rest and nourishment that your energy is back and chronic fatigue is not an issue anymore. When your fearful thoughts (which may continue...
by The Anxious Athlete on Dec 30, 2013

Are You An Anxiety Super Hero?

I’m starting to think that people who overcome their anxiety disorder naturally are some kind of super hero’s. We battle day and night against an imagined monster only to feel defeated and confused at the end of the day, but once we see a...
by The Anxious Athlete on Dec 27, 2013

Children Anxiety Exhibited Through Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

A Great Eye Opener Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, directed by Tim Burton, is one of the greatest films ever made for both the art film and mainstream movie industries. The book-based film managed to bring across the reality of different kinds of...
by The Anxious Athlete on Dec 26, 2013

New Year, New Me

For the last few weeks my anxiety has crept back into my life.  Not great considering that I’ve been pretty much anxiety free for the majority of 2013. I think that next year though is the time to sort it out once and for all. I think I suffer...

Your First Aid Kit Against An Anxiety Attack

It is rather simple to mistakenly take an anxiety attack for a real heart attack. In fact, most casual observers would not even know the difference between the two if they see it happening right before their eyes. The clear signs of an anxiety attack...
by The Anxious Athlete on Dec 24, 2013

4 Simple Steps To Stop Dating Anxiety

Do not let fear and anxiety stop you from dating. Some people get really nervous when they go out on a first or second date. As a result, here are some techniques a person can use to help overcome the anxiety of dating: 1) Remember that dating someon...
by The Anxious Athlete on Dec 23, 2013

Driving Away Driving Stress

Driving Away All That Driving Stress It’s the morning rush hour, and your blood has reached the boiling point. You have exactly five minutes to get to work and you discover a major traffic tie-up along the freeway. You see the orange pylons and...
by The Anxious Athlete on Dec 22, 2013

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