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Patriotism and Religion in Persisting Social Stratification: The Evolution of Knowledge - A University Essay

Image SourceOkay, so the plan was to not write another blog entry until paper four was complete (we just submitted paper three, which was the proposal for paper four).BUT...finally, paper two for College Composition II, which we wrote over a mon...
by Just Call Me Frank on Nov 27, 2013

Where The US Top 5% Live

A nice interactive graphic: A lot of coastal pockets.
by The Global Sociology Blog on Feb 12, 2013

The Game – Chapter 23

Gregor Klimt did not feel bad about Jody’s murder. The act had granted catharsis from his gruelling struggle to Comfortable Status. Though the switch from disfigurement to death had been forced, it had come easily. Gregor was adamant Jody had d...
by The Game on Feb 5, 2013

The Game – Chapter 21

Bernie Plimpton’s henchwomen ushered Penny Travis, Mika Komatsu and Eva Sorensen from the Good Morning Everyone Game stage. They met up with the other six winners and the group was manoeuvred into a hospitality suite. Chattering and laughing,...
by The Game on Jan 29, 2013

The Game – Chapter 19

As Wu Chen writhed on the ETAT information centre’s floor, a bouncer squad materialised to seize Gregor Klimt. They knew their stuff and were supremely fit. Gregor was strong, but badly out of condition. They dragged him to a service lift. Tw...
by The Game on Jan 22, 2013

As With Guns, The Remedy for Inequalities is More Inequalities

So, by now, you have all probably read, or at least heard of, Joseph Stiglitz’s column in the New York Times as to how inequalities are stalling economic recovery: “With inequality at its highest level since before the Depression, a robus...
by The Global Sociology Blog on Jan 21, 2013

The Game – Chapter 18

The arrangement of the tanks gave Penny Travis a good view of her fellow contestants. Suspended in Tank Ten, she waited for the imminent demise of the luckless woman in Tank Two. This was preferable to closing her eyes and dealing with the demons. Pe...
by The Game on Jan 21, 2013

The Game – Chapter 16

For two years, Mika Komatsu enjoyed a rare form of happiness. Her circumstances let her pursue her dream of being published. Further, she felt she was moving closer to her goal. Her evidence was a growing folio of poetry she considered worthy of publ...
by The Game on Jan 16, 2013

The Visual Du Jour – The Consequences of Racial and Social Stratification in Chicago

A lot of people are circulating this but it is of special interest to sociologists: Can anyone say “redlining” and institutional discrimination?
by The Global Sociology Blog on Jan 3, 2013

C. Wright Mills – Middle Class, Ideology, and Mass Consumer Society

Having examined the weakest component of the power elite in the third chapter, in Stanley Aronowitz‘s Taking It Big – C. Wright Mills and The Making of Political Intellectuals, in chapter 4, the focus is on another major work of Mills...
by The Global Sociology Blog on Dec 15, 2012

The Visual Du Jour – It’s Still The Inequalities, Stupid

As I mentioned in my previous post, a less unequal society produces better social outcomes. Case on point, this infographic (click on the image for ginormous view): For those of you familiar with the Spirit Level, this is an alternative to the serie...
by The Global Sociology Blog on Nov 5, 2012

One More Time for Emphasis: It’s The Inequalities, Stupid

I am not sure how many ways there are to make highlight this. Part of the problem is the general attitude that inequalities are the “natural” effects of either individual tendencies or magical and impersonal economic forces, as Matt Vidal...
by The Global Sociology Blog on Nov 4, 2012

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