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Is this the way to hit the social work industry?

Christopher Booker is still throwing stones larger than himself at the social work industry and getting some fairly outraged comments from people who share his anger at the antics of these bovine sub-normals. On commentator suggested that since Booke...
by The Exile on Aug 1, 2010

A future for social workers?

Christopher Booker over at the Telegraph has developed a real interest in doing over the social work industry. Now that we have a government that does not rely on the votes of creatures like that we should put aside our differences with types like th...
by The Exile on Jul 21, 2010

Social work insolence: help Colin Scott

Goodbye weekend as Chris Hawkins of the Child & Parent Alliance writes in to say that Colin Scott of Swindon saw his handicapped child kidnapped by the social work industry on Wednesday. His crime was to complain about the actions of the industry...
by The Exile on Jun 12, 2010

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