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10 Interesting Socotra Island Facts You Need to Know

     Socotra Island Facts – In an isolated island where outside contacts are not available, no television, less in commercial establishment or less The post 10 Interesting Socotra Island Facts You Need to Know appeared first on The Yolo Mo...
by Yolo Moments on May 19, 2016

Saudi Arabia Constructs Naval Base on Yemeni Island After Its Occupation

Saudi Arabia has been involved in a military conflict with Yemen for nearly half a year, seeking to return to power its close ally Yemeni fugitive president Mansur Hadi.Saudi Arabia started building up a major naval base on the Yemeni i...
by Actualité Distincte on Aug 16, 2015

Monday Images - Socotra, Beautiful & Surreal!

We all hate Mondays, don't we? In this series, we thought of pep you up with a nice picture every Monday. A picture we liked during our search on the web. A camera is traveller's constant companion and we all love to take pictures when we travel...
by India Travel Blog on Mar 9, 2014

Most Alien-looking Place on Earth

Socotra island is an isolated freak show of biodiversity located 220 miles off of the coast of Yemen and 150 miles from the Horn of Africa. One third of the plant life found on Socotra is exclusive to remote island and many of the animals also can...
by Inside Ben's Brain on Mar 2, 2014

Dragon’s Blood Forest Socotra, Yemen.

Arguably the most famous and distinctive plant of the island of Socotra, the evocatively named dragon’s blood tree has a unique and bizarre appearance, its upturned, densely-packed crown having the shape of an upside-down umbrella. This evergreen s...
by Simple.Interesting on Jul 9, 2013

Una hermosa isla en Yemen

Hoy hablaremos sobre un destino turístico imperdible en un viaje a Yemen, la hermosa isla de Socotra. Socotra es un pequeño archipiélago de cuatro islas en el Océano Índico. La mayor de las islas se llama Igual y constituye el...

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