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Myrkur: Hævnen

Since the release of the EP ‘Nattens Barn’ Danish one-woman-black-metal-band Myrkur has been surrounded by massive hype. So much that the debut album, ‘M’ (due in August), can almost only disappoint. Well, maybe not, if the fi...
by ALL SCANDINAVIAN on Jun 3, 2015

Solbrud - Demo [demo] (2010)

*Artist: Solbrud*Album: Demo [demo] *Year: 2010*Genre: Black Metal*Country: Denmark *Format: mp3@CBR128kbps *Size: 22MBTracklist: 1. Øde Lagt 12:03 2. Skyggeriget 12:32******************************Total playing time: 24:3...
by ILLYRIAN KINGDOM on Aug 8, 2011

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