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Road A-Peel: Upside-Down Car Clings to Curling Street

An upside-down, cherry-red car clings improbably to a slice of a concrete parking lot as it curls up over itself in this gravity-defying installation by ...
by WebUrbanist on Feb 23, 2015

Clever Land Artist Copyrighted Earth to Beat an Oil Pipeline

Canadian land artist and sculptor Peter von Tiesenhausen occupies a stretch of land in Alberta covered with his artworks, but it was not until he turned the ...
by WebUrbanist on Sep 18, 2014

Dancing Traffic Signal Makes Crossing the Street More Fun

Impatient pedestrians eager to get across the street stop, point and laugh when they realize that the usually-static human figure in the crosswalk signal is ...
by WebUrbanist on Sep 17, 2014

Video art: a wonderful object for meditation

This video art piece was created by my daughter Kimberly Rose. She wrote the music and spent many hours setting the light animation to the music as an assignment for her university degree. (Great courses they have these days!) Look … Continue r...

Three Sensational Sound Art Installations

Sound art is a little-known emerging creative discipline that has started to amass a loyal following in the world of experimental art. By placing an emphasis on sound and hearing, and exploring how this relates to the audience’s visual experience o...
by Designer Base on Apr 10, 2013

Tidying Up Art: Messy Masterpieces Made Neat & Clean

The Swiss are known for leading an orderly existence - imagine frustration at grandiose works of German art and the excesses of their French neighbors.
by WebUrbanist on Jan 2, 2013

Don’t Trip: 4 Dizzying Rooms by 1 Surrealist Spatial Artist

Like some kind of strange spatial magician, Kyung Woo Han turns conventional furniture, fixtures, doors and windows into otherworldly scenes in crazy new contexts.
by WebUrbanist on Dec 21, 2012

On Space Time Foam: Surreal Billowing Art Installation

PVC membranes provide a playground for visitors, requiring coordination between the people navigating its surface to keep them all from sliding to the center.
by WebUrbanist on Dec 11, 2012

Interactive Urban Light Art Installation Operated by Smart Phones

A five-story light art installation in Frankfurt billows and contracts like a curtain or a veil, controlled by swipes of users' fingers on their smart phones.
by WebUrbanist on Nov 6, 2012

Transit Transformed: Metro Cars Turned Mobile Art Galleries

Artists take over six Chicago metro train cars for an annual art installation that immerses commuters in strange landscapes of balloons, lights and more.
by WebUrbanist on Oct 2, 2012

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