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Mercati al giro di boa : i primi 6 mesi del 2016 da dimenticare quasi per tutti.

Aggiornamento dai mercati di questo pazzo 2016. I primi 6 mesi sono stati caratterizzati da numerose oscillazioni del comparto azionario e probabilmente la volatilità del mercato rimarrà ancora alta per almeno altri 6 mesi. Al giro di boa il b...
by The Best Trader on Jul 7, 2016

I cigni neri del 2016

by The Best Trader on Jan 19, 2016

24 August 2015, don't lose money

Today I sold out my stakes in ATVI, PAAS, GILD, SHOO, EW, UA, SRCL, DV, NKE, FL.I don't want to be inside what looks like to be a very fast downward trend. I already been there on the last 2 because during days like these I wasn't brave enough to sel...
by The Extra Income on Aug 24, 2015

Dalle borse alla Cina al petrolio, cosa sta succedendo ai mercati?

Che cosa è successo ai mercati negli ultimi 15 giorni? cerchiamo di ricapitolare cosa è successo. Fino al 10 agosto i mercati andavano a gonfie vele e non c'erano particolari tensioni in grado di far cambiare l'umore agli operatori di mercato a liv...
by The Best Trader on Aug 24, 2015

Ok we are out

We were all waiting for it.Articles online were doubling with a bear on the background.But it was not yet the time, upward trend was still valid, and was lasting since 7 years.But last week it happendBut what happened ?We exit from the upward trend s...
by The Extra Income on Aug 22, 2015

SP500 Update

Let's update the SP500.We are still testing the down-side of the channel. Greece may soon give us a direction.
by The Extra Income on Jul 7, 2015

SP500, update

We were waiting for a strong direction and this week I thought we got it, then something happened..And we are still here waiting. The questions I have are : Did the price bounce back from point A ? or it broke (down) the triangle and then did an easy...
by The Extra Income on Jun 14, 2015

Charts for Monday

My Charts for Monday.Enter to have a look at my views for the next monday and maybe the next week.Every comment will be appreciatedLet's start with the market, we are still inside, but we will have to exit soon, or I will have to change the draw.This...
by The Extra Income on May 10, 2015

My View : SP500,

The benchmark is still inside the 2 channels, nothing happened since the last post.I enclose here 2 viewsI "opened" again the triangle, to fit well with the latest candles . We may face some red days again, the stochastic is reverting, but everything...
by The Extra Income on May 1, 2015

New buy : SHOO

I bought SHOO.My view is that this pullback maybe is finished so I tried to buy (on Friday there will be earnings results, so everything may be a bet). Stop loss under $37SP500 is still inside and is all testing the trendlines..
by The Extra Income on Apr 23, 2015

TRV Tanked.. few hope is left..

As you know, I am inside 5 stocks now and during the last trading section wanted to enter NTES cuz I think the pullback is finished, but for some reasons I didn't do it, so let's see today.Meantime TRV based on some missing data, tanked by 4% !!!!!We...
by The Extra Income on Apr 22, 2015

S & P 500 : Graph

We are facing a short term upward trend, maybe inside the triangle (but has to be confirmed). Indicators are up...
by The Extra Income on Apr 12, 2015

Stocks to Watch for the next week : Benchmark

My Benchmark is (as always) the SP500.Past week was terrible. I thought it could go to touch the upside of the black channel but it didn't, it stopped halfway in a  no-man's land and then turned down with no-cares to the dotted line.Stochastic i...
by The Extra Income on Mar 28, 2015

Teknisk analys av SP500

USA500 (S&P500) har sedan det nynoterade ATH (all time high) vid 2119 punkter haft en kortsiktig negativ rekyl och befinner sig i skrivande stund vid botten av den långsiktigare trendkanalen. (Två parallella blå linjer i grafen.) Vi kan se...
by Fröken Börs on Mar 12, 2015

SP500 current position

On these days I had some alters to buy, but on purpose did not move as already planned the last week.I still have 3 positions opened but I would like to have 0 of them now. Really the situation is unpredictable and which ever position will be opened,...
by The Extra Income on Jan 21, 2015

Teknisk analys av DAX, OMX och USA

USA500 Till skillnad från tyska DAX och OMX befinner sig inte USA500 (Följer S&P500 terminen) vid något ATH (all time high) motstånd. Utan har istället sedan nytt ath skapades haft två rekyler i negativ riktning och där är vi idag. Den a...
by Fröken Börs on Jan 17, 2015

Allarme bolla speculativa a Wall Street

Un grafico a volte vale più di mille parole.....Come potete osservare l'indice americano SP500 dal 1980 è passato da 100 punti ai 2051 della chiusura odierna ( nuovo record assoluto). Parliamo di un rialzo vicino al 2000% in meno di 35 anni. La cos...
by The Best Trader on Nov 18, 2014

Summering av gårdagens trades, 21 Oktober

Plus minus noll. Hej på er, delar med mig av gårdagens trades nedan. Dumma beslut ger lärdom, inte sant? Jag är under upplärning! Observera att jag handlar med hävstångsprodukter ( Antal trades: 9 Vinst: 6...
by Fröken Börs on Oct 22, 2014

Summering av dagens trades 2/10

Sikta, sikta, skjut. Observera att jag handlar med hävstångsprodukter ( Antal trades: 2 Vinst: 2 Förlust: 0 Produkt: Tyskland30 Cash (Underliggande är DAX terminen) USA500 Cash (Underliggande är S&P500...
by Fröken Börs on Oct 2, 2014

SP500 ser riktigt trött ut

Nu har vi många signaler som tyder på att SP500 börjar bli sömnigt. Stigande kurs - negativt utveckling i volymen. Stockhastic Slow har vänt neråt ovanför 80:värdet. MACD visar lägre staplar. Igår såg vi  en Shooting Star i candleväg...
by Fröken Börs on Aug 27, 2014

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