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Am I displaying with the correct option density?

Am I displaying with the correct option density? How to have your cake and eat it!   Some of the most obvious questions are often the hardest to answer, or to be more accurate it would seem, are the ones that no one wants to answer. The repercu...
by VM-Chronicles on Jun 9, 2016

Library Design Tips - SLJ

Space planning is an important component of running a successful institutionSchool Library Journal - Library Design Tips...
by ArchivesInfo on May 12, 2016

Sevillisation: Terminal Transformations & New Millennium Markets

Urban regeneration can sometimes be unemotional terminology for some of the most exciting enterprises across retail and leisure. Never more the case in the variety of schemes bringing vigour, life and energy to the revitalised heart of the Andalucian...
by VM-Chronicles on Apr 18, 2016

Sales = Traffic x Conversion: The Complexities of a Simple Equation

Knowledge of traffic and conversion is essential to measure and maximise sales opportunities across stores, however the knowledge of traffic and conversion by category display within the store reveals the mysteries of the shopping experience and prom...
by VM-Chronicles on Jan 8, 2016

Retail Integration: store layout with the customer experience

Planning your store layout for maximum profit illustrates yet again the importance of integration within a retail business, the bringing together of the commercial and the emotional, the marriage of the beauty and the beast. On the one hand the store...
by VM-Chronicles on Jan 5, 2016

Hema Global: New Blood in New Street

For a retailer with a long heritage Hema packs a powerful contemporary punch as it speeds into the newly refurbished New Street Station in Birmingham. On the fast track to becoming a global brand Hema now has 5 UK stores, with 3 of these in high traf...
by VM-Chronicles on Jan 5, 2016

Tim Radley “Visual Merchandising; a Return to Selling” No.1

“Visual Merchandising – A Return to Selling!” part 1 An article by Tim Radley in VM&RD Magazine India, Oct 2015   I was fortunate enough this year to be invited to speak at the In-Store Asia 2015 event in Mumbai. What I found...
by VM-Chronicles on Oct 29, 2015

Retail Integration: Integrating Space Planning with Assortment Planning

Whether your retail involvement comes from a field based visual perspective or from a head office commercial perspective stores can often disappoint, both in terms of the visual perception and the financial reality. Whilst there will be opportunities...
by VM-Chronicles on Oct 5, 2015

“Getting the quality from quantities!” how to benefit from retail benchmarking and analytics

Almost everything is measurable and comparable in retail stores but the benefit only comes through understanding the implications and the opportunities that lay within the charts and graphs.   However benchmarking should not be blind but focuse...
by VM-Chronicles on Aug 7, 2015

Question Of The Week: Multiple Office Locations Or Single But Bigger Office?

Facility Executive Magazine When the time comes for one facility manager to consider his space management options, he is not sure whether to go for several spaces in multiple buildings or a larger space in one building. Question Of The Week: Multiple...
by FacilityBlog on Jun 15, 2015

Visual Merchandising Operations: The dangers of “spread-sheet retailing”

Many a good and potentially commercial idea and initiative has never made it from the boardroom to the operational teams, never mind the stores themselves. The complexity of the modern store portfolio has added to this problem, as stores develop a mi...
by VM-Chronicles on May 29, 2015

Furniture Trends: The Open Office Puzzle

Facility Executive Magazine The communal layout is a staple in many facility planners’ playbooks, but is it right for all scenarios? Furniture Trends: The Open Office Puzzle appeared first on Facility Executive Magazine.
by FacilityBlog on May 22, 2015

Higher Education Supplement: Facility Condition Assessments

Facility Executive Magazine At Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH, leveraging technology clarified priorities for informed decisions. Higher Education Supplement: Facility Condition Assessments appeared first on Facility Executive Magazine.
by FacilityBlog on Mar 30, 2015

Question Of The Week: Office Space Management Programs

Today's Facility Manager (TFM) Today's Facility Manager (TFM) - The Source For Facility Solutions A facility management professional seeks a Microsoft Office based solution to his space planning needs. Question Of The Week: Office Space Man...
by FacilityBlog on Aug 4, 2014

Client Project: 4 Ways to Create a Good Design Flow in your Home

We are currently working on a home that has several large spaces…. that need to be filled!Do you ever have this question??The dilemma:  How to correctly separate these spaces while creating a clearly defined means of egress and&...
by Classic...with a Twist on May 1, 2014

Decorating With Laptop Tables

Do you like to use your laptop while hanging out in the living room?  Sometimes you want to use your computer, but you also just want to relax on the sofa or in a comfy chair. (This post is participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. L is...
by House Revivals on Apr 14, 2014

How to Dye a Leather Sofa or Chair

For the past couple of weeks, I have been researching methods for dyeing leather furniture. My husband wants a recliner. {Cue record scratching sound effects.} The thing about recliners is that they are fantastically amazing to sit and recline in --...
by House Revivals on Apr 4, 2014

Lynda – Revit for Interior Design: Space Planning

Space planning allows interior designers to allocate rooms for specific tasks and arrange elements like furniture, to determine if a potential space is appropriate, or to make an existing space as efficient and comfortable as possible for their clien...
by Tutorials For Download on Mar 19, 2014

Modern Uptown Loft - Big Reveal!

We are so excited to share with you our most recent photographed project!!Last summer we had the privilege of working with an amazing client through a long-distance design process! They lived in El Paso, and their daughter was going to be moving...
by Classic...with a Twist on Feb 18, 2014

Wide Open Spaces

These kind of space CAN be tricky to design. Many clients just can't figure out how to create a smooth flowing layout... and that is where we come in!We are excited about a new clients home in Fort Worth which has an incredible OP...
by Classic...with a Twist on Jan 24, 2014

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