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Have An Extra $20 To Help Save A Military Hero This Holiday Season? []

by The Political Commentator on Dec 20, 2016

Have An Extra $20 To Help Save A Military Hero This Holiday Season?

20 For 20$20 to help reverse the trend and tragedy of 20 military veterans a day taking their own lives!Have An Extra $20 To Help Save A Military Hero This Holiday Season?
by The Political Commentator on Dec 20, 2016

Calm in the Midst of Stormy Chaos

Teaching yoga and meditation to teenage girls in high security lockup during a bulls-eye hurricane hit, and how that experience is parallel to staying in our inner core, where our inner calm resides.
by Lord Flea Sings on Dec 10, 2016

THE ARTIST’S WAY TURNS 25: Exploring the concept of creativity with author Julia Cameron

The following article has been excerpted from The Artist’s Way: 25th Anniversary Edition, in which author Julia Cameron helps inspire people to put aside any […] Continue reading at The Mindful Word journal of engaged living [http://www.
by The Mindful Word on Dec 7, 2016

Sometimes it takes a death to slap you in the face

October 17, 2016, my father, Robert Aloia Sr., passed away shortly after midnight!A couple of days before I was sitting in my backyard. Sun shining and sun bathing; vitamin D being absorbed. I can feel it like a dry sponge getting moistened by water.
by Seeds of longevity on Dec 7, 2016

FORTY-FIVE YEARS IS JUST A START: Q&A with author Max Reif on his spiritual journey with Meher Baba

Max Reif is the author of Toward an Interior Sun, recently published by The Mindful Word. Below are his in-depth answers to eight questions we […] Continue reading at The Mindful Word journal of engaged living []...
by The Mindful Word on Dec 5, 2016

Today is Sri Chinmoy’s 85th Birthday Anniversary

Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) was one of the most renowned spiritual masters of our time, devoting all his life to the cause of peace and oneness. Photo from Thailand, February 2007, by Kedar Misani.
by photos HD on Aug 26, 2016

Targeted (Part Two)

In Virginia, someone had slipped mescaline into Charise’s soda, and she was raped repeatedly. While she was under the influence of the drug three guys one of whom was Mrs. Boatwright’s son Larry Butler and his cousin “Gerard”...
by "My Voice" Weblog on Aug 26, 2016

Targeted (Part One)

As good people in the world we will become targeted at times by the demonic. Like I have expressed before there are a combination of reasons why my enemies who are known and who are unknown to me through out the years have worked and have attempted t...
by "My Voice" Weblog on Aug 26, 2016

Greenbelt and me and that book of mine

Today is the official start of a festival known very much to a those of a certain Christian ilk. It’s been running over 40 years around various parts of England, sometimes in the grounds of stately homes, sometimes on a … Continue reading...
by Elspeth R on Aug 26, 2016

3 Things that happen when you become your own best friend

Last November I lost my bff, something I have been pretty open about and can also admit I am not 100% over. Nonetheless, somehow I have learned to be my own best friend through the process and have had amazing personal growth on so many levels that I...
by Chica Fashion on Aug 25, 2016

GENERIC SPIRITUALITY: The primal knowing of the truth of love that resides at the core of every human being

No matter the product, I always opt for generic if it’s available. Why should I pay more to have my oatmeal subjected to more processing […] Continue reading at The Mindful Word journal of engaged living []...
by The Mindful Word on Aug 23, 2016


Life is not always a basket of sweet and delicious fruit there are those sour flavors which are not so kosher to the buds and that leave a nasty lingering taste within the mouth that one instinctively has to go and spit directly out in disgust. And t...
by "My Voice" Weblog on Aug 23, 2016


Meditation is a wonderful and natural process that has come upon me naturally for years and it is such a serene state of reaction into activation. The ambiance of setting is complimentary in revelation to meditating within atmospheric placidity; howe...
by "My Voice" Weblog on Aug 23, 2016


I live my life on my own terms not by what anyone else determines that my life should be. I know what I want and I know what will work for me and if something or someone does not fit into my category and mode of harmony then there is no room for dist...
by "My Voice" Weblog on Aug 23, 2016

In The Eye Of Truth

I have always had credibility, especially among those who counted; people often knew that they were able to come to me to get the truth. I am real, an authentic person, and that is very rare to find in this day an age as many out there endeavor to co...
by "My Voice" Weblog on Aug 18, 2016

Us Caulbearers Never Walk Alone

Yes, by nature I have always been a very strong individual mentally, emotionally, and even physically. I have also always been a loner yet I have never been and have never actually walked alone. I have always been very well-liked by others and I was...
by "My Voice" Weblog on Aug 17, 2016

Simply Beautiful

The scientific method has been a boon to humanity. Knowing how to sharpen the rational faculties has demonstrated its benefits time and time again. Sometimes, however, overemphasis on rationality contains hidden costs. Humans are not always rational,...

Need Some Direction? Well Don’t Just Pray. Move.

As a young, new Christian, I was struggling to find my path in life. For two years I’d prayed about how I should serve God, yet I still had no clear direction for my life. Until one day, I learnt what Jesus said about making good choices… and my...
by Sheridan Voysey on Aug 16, 2016

My Epithet

Writing is my first love and one of the career advancements that I continue to do and head for within the present as well as toward the future but I am a woman of many talents and enterprise so I don’t limit myself to just one or two things. I...
by "My Voice" Weblog on Aug 10, 2016

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