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Captain Mainwaring’s Casualty

Late April 2016. As hospital consultants and staff doctors across England prepare for the first ever full walk out by junior doctors, similar preparations take place at Walmington-on-Sea… Scene: The local District General Hospital Casualty Departm...
by Bad Medicine on Apr 10, 2016

Dragons’ Den: The Commissioners

2017: Mid term and the Tories have got fed up with pesky doctor led clinical commissioning groups. The government fires all medical commissioners and appoints its own chosen panel members, often high profile individuals with no understanding of the h...
by Bad Medicine on Aug 10, 2015

A Bill to Promote Innovation in Advertising

Imagine for a moment Dr No is now a peer, Lord No (of Nowhere), and it has come to his fancy that there are a lot of worthwhile advertising folk out there who are being cruelly frustrated in their attempts innovate by a constant fear of litigation. R...
by Bad Medicine on Dec 12, 2014

A Knotty Interview

Scene: The Today Programme Studio, sometime after half past seven on Saturday 16th August 2014. Jimbo (smugly): It’s sixteen minutes to eight and I’m James Knock-Care-Tea. Actually, it’s sixteen and a bit minutes to eight but you know what we s...
by Bad Medicine on Aug 16, 2014

SNL Spoofs Jay Z, Solange Fight With Maya Rudolph Cameo!

Saturday Night Live could not let this one slide…The live NBC show decided to take on the Jay Z/Solange elevator fight, with audio included! And the funny Maya Rudolph dropped in to reprise her role as Beyonce. Jay Pharoah took on the role o...
by Beautelicious on May 18, 2014

Council to Survey Turkeys about Christmas

For Immediate Release: Council to Survey Turkeys about Christmas GTC Press Office, London, UK Thousands of turkeys are to be invited to take part in a survey of their views about Christmas, the General Turkey Council has announced. The survey is part...
by Bad Medicine on Oct 27, 2013

Sons of Poetry to the rescue!

Remember Robby's fave TV Show The Sons of Anarchy? Sesame Street just created an amusing parody of it. Watch it now and be entertained! ◠◡◠ Have a cheerful Sunday everyone! ◠‿◠ Source: Sesame Street Youtube Channel ~~~>...
by fashionmoto on Aug 25, 2013

Crossed Lines

Now that Call 111 has gone live, Dr No has sent a team of his crack undercover reporters into 111 call centres to discover how the new service is working. The following is a transcript of a secret recording made at a call centre located somewhere in...
by Bad Medicine on May 25, 2013

Pax Pemberton

Dr Max Pemberton – Apology GMC Statement – For Immediate Release 22 Apr 2013 Earlier this morning, Count Rubin (not his real name) appeared on the Today programme opposite Dr Max Pemberton (not his real name), defending the General Medical Counci...
by Bad Medicine on Apr 22, 2013

59m in the Life of an Ambulance Control Centre

These days, nothing really happens until it happens on social media. Apart from curmudgeonly old duffers like Dr No, anybody who is anything is busy on twitter. Why, even HRH is on twitter! The NHS, it seems, is all over twitter like pigeons all over...
by Bad Medicine on Dec 21, 2012

Projects Finished

I published the last (77th) of my 'Spoofs' on the blog yesterday. I've had them all made into a severely limited edition book by - only five copies in the first edition. I am currently waiting to hear from a publisher whether he will publis...
by Don Donovan's World on Aug 13, 2012

Great Works Re-visited 77.

by Don Donovan's World on Aug 11, 2012

Great Works Re-visited 76

by Don Donovan's World on Aug 10, 2012

Great Works Re-visited 75.

by Don Donovan's World on Aug 9, 2012

Great Works Re-visited 74.

by Don Donovan's World on Aug 8, 2012

Great Works Re-visited 73.

by Don Donovan's World on Aug 7, 2012

Great Works Re-visited 72.

by Don Donovan's World on Aug 6, 2012

Great Works Re-visited 71.

by Don Donovan's World on Aug 5, 2012

Great Works Re-visited 70.

by Don Donovan's World on Aug 4, 2012

Great Works Re-visited 69.

by Don Donovan's World on Aug 3, 2012

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