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Climbing Off The Grid: Indonesia

  With more than 17,000 islands, thousands of ethnic groups, too many different cultures to count, Komodo dragons and colorful festivals, Indonesia could be the next exotic rock climbing destination on your bucket list. The volcanic origins of t...
by BarePockets on Dec 4, 2016

Climbing Off The Grid: Indonesia

  Indonesia, with its more than 17,000 islands, thousands of ethnic groups, too many different cultures to count, Komodo dragons and colorful festivals, has  potential to become the next exotic rock climbing destination on our bucket list. The...
by BarePockets on Dec 4, 2016

Geyikbayiri Reloaded

… and intensified times infinity. This is not an article about rock climbing. There are too many of those out there. Besides, climbing is a personal, intimate journey we all experience and understand differently. So instead of listening to other pe...
by BarePockets on Apr 25, 2016

Out of Practice

When you have been away from a sport for a while, it takes a few tries to get back where you left off. I decided to go to a sport-climbing gym to get some routes in before I try to head outdoors this spring, and man was that a good idea. I tend to fo...
by Trails Trees and Skis on Apr 18, 2016

Return to Geyikbayiri. Turkey in Flames

Well, it’s been nearly four years, but we’re back. Yes, time does fly fast, still the moment we landed it seemed as if it was only yesterday that we left. Did anything change? Of course. Looking deep within ourselves, we find we all have.
by BarePockets on Mar 21, 2016

8 Greek Island-Hopping Adventures Not To Be Missed

There are some 6,000 Greek islands scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas, only 227 of them inhabited. Each and every one is worth your while, although some are more difficult to get to than others. Don’t know where to start? Well, the...
by BarePockets on Feb 22, 2016

Sinaia, Queen of Carpathian Resorts

In 1883, the legendary Orient Express made its first run, connecting the west and east by a luxury train turned five-star hotel. On its way, it stopped in Sinaia, the summer residence of the Romanian Royal Family, where King Carol I himself greeted t...
by BarePockets on Jan 12, 2016

Rock Climbing and Hot Springs in Băile Herculane

  L et’s face it, it was the 2014 Petzl RocTrip that put Romania on the climbing map. I knew it would live up to the challenge, but did you? Băile Herculane was the trip’s first base camp. From here, the team continued to Bulgaria,...
by BarePockets on Nov 13, 2015

Kiokong Crag: A Great Rock Climbing Destination in The Land of Promise

The numerous karst formations that we see during our trips are some of the most overlooked natural treasures in the Philippines. Not only do they add beauty and awe to the already amazing landscape, they also form an integral part of the ecosystem in...
by Adrenaline Romance on Jun 27, 2015

Poog Crag: A Brand-New Rock Climbing Destination in a Tropical Paradise

The popularity of rock climbing in Cebu—and in the Philippines, as a whole—has been slowly but steadily picking up. That is no surprise at all as we are blessed living in a lush, beach-filled, tropical paradise with numerous limestone cli...
by Adrenaline Romance on Apr 18, 2015

Tipos de escalada

Las siguientes líneas te mostrarán un interesante paseo acerca de las distintas modalidades de escalada existentes. Tiempo atrás, cuando alguien te decía “soy escalador” o “me voy a escalar”, la...
by ZonaTrekking on Jul 17, 2013

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