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Mangroves Jakarta

 The weekend was extended by an extra day due to a national holiday and so we were sort of getting bored of watching Jeremy running around and screaming and being super busy if it this meant by 7pm he was fast asleep and we had the evenings back...
by Jakarta News on Dec 13, 2016

Lantapan : A simple glimpse of their Poblacion Plaza

Development can be seen as a constant factor of change in a landscape of one's place. And one of the visible icon of this change is the "plaza" of a certain place.Plaza is a colonial concept similar to a market place influenced by the Spanish. It is...

Free Camp Spots In Victoria

Are you a resident of Victoria and planning to go for a camping trip on your next holiday? Well, you would be delighted to know that there are plenty of spots in the state where you can actually camp for free.
by World Tourism Forum on Aug 30, 2016


There’s something utterly special about an early weekend morning rendezvous with good friends, over aromatic coffee and a plateful of refined omelette with freshly baked goodies. Amidst our hectic lives in this cosmopolitan emirate called, Duba...

A wet dry season

Jakarta currently is currently suffering more problems than normal and this is being made slightly more worse by the ongoing daily or every other day rain storms and showers across the city. It being the dry season, the amount of rain falling current...
by Jakarta News on Jul 26, 2016

Timeless Skin Care — Anti-Aging Serums With Proven Ingredients Affordably Priced!

Disclosure: This is a review program with Mums the Word Blogger Network and Timeless Skin Care. All opinions are my own. Hey ladies, no matter what your age, I hope you know it’s never too early to start a good skin care regimen. If you want h...
by Blog on Jul 6, 2016

Dogs And Summer Heat

Dogs And Summer Heat Summer Safety Tips The joys of Summer have officially arrived and it is time to get outdoors and breathe! Your furry friends are just as excited as you are to frolic in the meadows, run down the beaches, and play with their mates...
by Wiggleless on Jul 5, 2016

{South Bay} Brunch at Verge Restaurant in Los Gatos

I have an especial weakness for brunch; it probably comes from a childhood of dim sum weekends. Fortunately the Bay Area seems to be filled with plenty of like-minded people as it’s a mecca of brunch options ranging from old school to modern, a...
by Dessert First on Jun 26, 2016

Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Continuing on our Holiday, we left Dublin and drove across Ireland to the Eastern coast. The scenery was so beautiful! Patriot fans!: We spent a couple nights  in Ballynahinch Castle: I had to stop and take this photo!: LOL! It was a go...
by Restyling Home by Kelly on Jun 25, 2016

Random Clicks: Marinduque

The heart of the Philippines is Marinduque, The hear-shaped island not only boasts its rich culture but also its stunning beaches with crystal clear waters... for free.It will take you around 5 hours from Manila to reach the port in Lucena, Quezon an...
by Random Thoughts on Jun 23, 2016

Adventure in Ireland

Hello everyone! I just got back from Holiday, (that’s what a vacation is called in Europe), in Ireland and wanted to share a few of my favorite photos with you: It was my first visit to Europe and it was a wonderful experience. I absolutely LOVED...
by Restyling Home by Kelly on Jun 23, 2016

6 Pakistani Tourist Spots You Must Visit in 2016

Pakistan has long been mired with the disease of terrorism which has acted in the form of a deterrent and the place which used to lie on the hippie trail once has lost a significant number of visitors. Things have improved by a great margin in the la...
by Cush Travel on Jun 22, 2016

Be The First To Unravel Palawan's Hidden Islands!

For the beautiful islands the Philippines,have, Palawan is one of the most famous tourists and Filipinos alike go to. Although Palawan is well,known, there are is a number of "undiscovered" destinations in the island province.And one of which is...
by Public Trending on Jun 16, 2016

{SF}: Hyatt Centric San Francisco and Where to Go (And Eat) Nearby

I was invited to a media event at the Hyatt Centric to preview their new amenities. I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own. When my out-of-town friends ask me in what part of San Francisco they should they look for lodging, I usual...
by Dessert First on May 25, 2016


Turkey(best holiday destinations) is focused largely on a variety of historical sites, and on seaside resorts along its Aegean and Mediterranean Sea coasts. In recent years, Turkey has also become a popular destination for culture, spa, and health ca...
by Trallers on May 19, 2016


KAYTRANADA – LITE SPOTS (Official Video)        The post KAYTRANADA – LITE SPOTS (Official Video) appeared first on Smartrena.
by Smartrena on May 10, 2016

{Peninsula}: Sofitel Bay 223 Restaurant

San Francisco is well known as a culinary destination, but there are plenty of gems spread throughout the rest of the Bay Area. I recently found one at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay hotel, about half an hour down the Peninsula in Redwood Shores. I w...
by Dessert First on May 8, 2016

5 Food to Eat in Bali - Bali Recap 2016

So much food, so little time. That's pretty much sums up my short 8-days holiday in Bali with the guy. We did heaps of stuff, many beaches were visited and enjoyed, and we got back with two Bali bellies and sunburnt bodies. I never thought I can...
by Irene's Getting Fat! on May 8, 2016

How To Remove Dark Spots: 7 Natural Tips

 In the age of this era everyone whether its woman or man both have a problem of dark spots, some have big black spots some have small but everyone who is surfing in this situation wants a strong and working tip to get rid of dark spots. These d...
by Cosmetics.PK on Apr 30, 2016

The Proven Science Behind Peppermint Oil for Hair Loss Issues

This is the continuation of the Best Herbal Oils for Hair, Cooking & Aromatherapy Series. You can read the initial article HERE. Peppermint oil has been used for hundreds of years in medicine due to its therapeutic benefits. It is produced from t...
by Natural Oils for Hair & Health on Apr 29, 2016

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