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The Sprint Triathlon That Taught Me a Valuable Life Lesson

My recent sprint triathlon taught me a valuable lesson about life. The post The Sprint Triathlon That Taught Me a Valuable Life Lesson appeared first on Is This Really My Life.
by is this REALLY my life? on Sep 15, 2015

Finishing Strong

There is something about the finish that inspires me. In training, often I finish the workout stronger than when I started. It seems that my biggest drawback is not starting stronger. Maybe the interim of the workout or the leg of an event compris...
by Miles of the Journey on Jul 15, 2013

Award, Vacation & Triathlons, Oh My!

First order of business, thank you to Karen, at Waisting Time for honoring me with a blog award! Gotta love there only being two rules: 1. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience in 5 words: I’m going to cheat and just use t...

Triathlon Training Plans and Training Update

Click here to visit Triathlon Training Plans by Julian DeanTri Geek training plans offer all levels of triathlon training for all distances of triathlon. The plans are easy to follow for those who self coach and need the structured workouts written o...

Tempo Runs and Triathlon Training

This morning was a 5 mile run with 3 mile tempo in the middle. I was running with a fast group and it was a tough morning. I like running with them because it really pushes me. Each mile gets progressively faster. We started with a 7:01, then 6:55. T...

First Sprint Triathlon of The Season : Ormond Y Tri

Sunday was my first sprint triathlon of this season. I was very anxious to race because after spending so much of the winter training for my run, I had issues come up before each one of my early season olympic races.The Friday before Daytona Frogman,...

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