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Book Review: A Bug and a Wish

Author: Karen ScheuerIllustrator: KalpartInterest Level: Ages 4-7From the Book Jacket: When Tyler is teased by the other boys, his good friend, Danae, encourages him to give the boys A Bug and a Wish. When Tyler finds a ladybug and a dandelion seed,...
by Books That Heal Kids on Aug 30, 2016

Book Review: Willow Finds a Way

Author: Lana ButtonIllustrator: Tania HowellsInterest Level: Ages 4 and UpFrom the Book Jacket: In Willow's class, Kristabelle was the boss. Willow wants to go to Kristabelle's fantastic birthday party. So even though she'd rather not, Willow sits at...
by Books That Heal Kids on Nov 13, 2013

Book Review: Freda Stops a Bully

Author/Illustrator: Stuart J MurphyBook Website: I See I LearnInterest Level: K-2From the Book Jacket: Freda loves her new pink shoes. But when she wears them, a boy at school teases her. What can Freda do to make the bully stop?Why It's On My Booksh...
by Books That Heal Kids on Sep 30, 2012

Book Review: The Weird Series

Weird! Dare! Tough! by Erin Frankel, illustrated by Paula HeaphyBook Website: www.theweirdseries.comPublisher: Free SpiritInterest Level: K and UpTrue-to-life stories of bullying told from all perspectives: the role of the target, the bystander, and...
by Books That Heal Kids on Jun 25, 2012

Chrissa Stands Strong Movie

About the MovieChrissa Maxwell and her family have just moved to snowy Minnesota, and Chrissa has to start at a new school mid-year. Will she fit in? Can she find new friends?On her very first day, Chrissa is seated with three girls who greet her wit...
by Books That Heal Kids on Apr 17, 2012

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