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"Words You Hate To Hear"

"Words You Hate To Hear"by Stanley Fish"There is a class of utterances that, when encountered, produces irritation, distress and, in some cases, the desire to kill. You hear or read one of these and your heart sinks. Everyone will have his or her (no...
by Running 'Cause I Can't Fly on Jul 2, 2015

Wrong on Both Counts: Academic Boycotts and Israel

(An earlier version of this essay first appeared in the Algemeiner on December 30, 2013.) Now that the American Studies Association has passed its resolution calling for an  academic boycott of Israel, universities and fellow academics all over the...
by the sad red earth on Jan 6, 2014

My Teacher Just Wrote a Grammar Book - Check it out!

I had a lot of bad teachers from grade school through college.  I also had a lot of good ones... And then I had the ones that scared me to death - and taught me something in the process. I went to a university with over 40,000 students.  T...
by Austin James Here on Jan 29, 2011

Perspective, Ideology, and Academic Freedom

In an essay at The New York Times online, We’re All Conservatives Now, Stanley Fish seeks to reconcile the concerns of both Right and Left about the American university. Contrasting the complaints of the right wing David Horowitz to the the lef...
by the sad red earth on Dec 23, 2010

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