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RAPPER FAT JOE 4 Months In Prison For Bilking Uncle Sam

So much for a carefree summer ... Fat Joe has just been ordered to spend 4 months behind bars for failing to pay more than $1 MILLION in income taxes. As TMZ previously reported, Joe (real name Joseph Cartagena) pled guilty back in December to stiff...
by Haktech Blogs on Jun 24, 2013

Grand Master Flash

by Haktech Blogs on Apr 20, 2013


50 CENT - IF I CAN'T Download MP3 here: Download If I can't do it, homey, it can't be done Now I'ma let the champagne bottle pop I'ma take it to the top Fo sho I'ma make it hot, baby (Baby) I apply pressure to puss** that stuntin' I pop Stand alone...
by Haktech Blogs on Apr 4, 2013

Stuff I Like

1. World MarketI have developed a complete obsession with World Market.  They have the most unique little gifts, home decorations and furniture.  I've picked up quite a few things for Christmas (including a really awesome "Lump of Coal" bee...
by OMG I moved to NYC on Dec 13, 2012

Gangnam Style - Viral video on youtube by PSY

Gangnam Style Psy is a rapper from Korea who recently posted his latest music video to the song Gangnam Style on YouTube for his South Korean fans. In only a few days it had surpassed a million views and became a global sensation. It has now gotten...
by Haktech Blogs on Aug 30, 2012

Haktech: FREE starbucks coffe recipe's

Vanilla Latte2 parts Starbucks™ Cream Liqueur2 parts Chilled Starbucks® Coffee¾ part ABSOLUT® Vanilia ®Build over ice in a tall glass. More Detailed Recipe? Download this Starbucks EBOOK password: haktech DOWNLOAD...
by Haktech Blogs on Apr 10, 2012

Haktech: unboxing Altec Lansing speakers VS4621

by Haktech Blogs on Apr 5, 2012

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