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My State of Mind

Each morning my goal is to have a beautiful day.  I remind myself that I am the one that makes my day a good one.  Most of the time I am successful.  This past month my ‘having a beautiful day’ system had a stress test.  A goo...

DREAM INTERPRETATION: A need to tweak your attitude [symbols: house, mother/father]

Hello, I was going to the house I loved and lived in for several years as a teenager. It was completely re-done in timber and Continue reading at The Mindful Word journal of engaged living []...
by The Mindful Word on Aug 11, 2016

Small Business Entrepreneurship and Doctoral Studies

Last August, I started a doctoral program at the University of Southern California. Thus far, I have really enjoyed all aspects of the program from my fellow students to the incredibly talented professors to the online learning environment that our l...
by on Mar 11, 2016

Running To The Sea

State of Mind Taken in Sal Island, Cape Verde (West Africa). More about this travel destination, please visit: Cape Verde/Cabo Verde – TravelsFiled under: Cabo Verde Tagged: beach, Cabo Verde, […]...
by indahs travel photography on Feb 26, 2016

Running To The Sea

State of Mind Taken in Sal Island, Cape Verde (West Africa). More about this travel destination, please visit: Cape Verde/Cabo Verde – TravelsFiled under: Cabo Verde Tagged: beach, Cabo Verde, […]...
by indahs travel photography on Feb 26, 2016

How the Travel State of Mind Creates Opportunities

The travel state of mind is a way and means of traveling and experiencing the world. And you can even experience this without leaving home! Here's how. The post How the Travel State of Mind Creates Opportunities appeared first on The Professional Ho...
by The Professional Hobo on Dec 21, 2015

Lacquester ‘Summer is a state of mind’ collection

Summer is a state of mind. En ja, dat moet ook wel als je in Nederland woont. De afgelopen weken was er geen teken van de zomer te bekennen in ons landje, en dat midden in de maand juli.… Lees verder... Het bericht Lacquester ‘Summer is a...
by BeautyLab on Aug 6, 2015

New Music: Fashawn Ft Dom Kennedy – Golden State of Mind

Fashawn is preparing to release his upcoming album The Ecology. Here is first single “Golden State of Mind” featuring Dom Kennedy. Produced by Exile. The Ecology will be released some time next year. This will be featured on the upcoming...
by New Hip Hop Music on Sep 30, 2014

Marc Forgione & Billy Joel

On Wednesday, September 17, Justin and I took what may have been my favorite adventure. I arrived at Marc Forgione’s at about 5:00 for our 5:30 reservation. Ample time to grab a drink at the bar and obsess over the perfect decor. Let me begin b...
by Baconboozer on Sep 28, 2014

5 Mind-set Short Cuts to Overcome Problems

Mind-set – The Winning Factor It’s been a pretty stressful week, and one of the factors which have made it so has been the work I am doing with my daughter helping her set up her online fashion store.  There are a number of factors making th...
by People Discovery Blog on Jul 31, 2014

HMJ On The Grind: Dizzy Wright Talks Indica vs Sativa, Why He Smokes & State of Mind Tour

Cool, calm, and collected; Dizzy Wright is by far one of the most chill artists I've had the pleasure of interviewing. We sparked it up backstage with the rising star on his State of Mind Tour and discussed everything from life philosophy to Mary Jan...
by Hail Mary Jane on Jun 24, 2014

Belief TranceFormation, Perubahan Diri dari Akarnya

Belief TranceFormation, Perubahan Diri dari AkarnyaPerubahan, mengapa sulit untuk terjadi..? Walaupun kita sudah berusaha semaksimal mungkin, mengapa untuk merubah diri sendiri agar lebih baik dan lebih maju itu sangat sulit untuk dilakukan.Ya, perub...
by REIKI NAQS on Jun 10, 2014

EP Stream: Dizzy Wright – State Of Mind

Dizzy Wright drops off his new EP, State Of Mind. Featuring a guest appearance by Rockie Fresh. Also featuring production by MLB, Sledgren, 6ix, Roc N Mayne and 1stBorn. You can pick up now on iTunes.
by New Hip Hop Music on Apr 15, 2014

Dove Proves that Beauty is a State of mind through Dove: Patches

DOVE PROVES THAT BEAUTY IS A STATE OF MIND I went for the launch of Dove: Patches campaign launch and the panel discussion at Olive Bar and Kitchen, Mahalaxmi 2 days back. Read more about it below. Dove launched Dove: Patches, the latest real beauty...
by New Love- Makeup on Apr 11, 2014

マシン・ガン・ケリー (Machine Gun Kelly ) – State of Mind

visit site to read more]...
by JP歌詞をPV視聴動画 on Mar 27, 2014

New Music: Machine Gun Kelly – State Of Mind

Machine Gun Kelly hops on Cam’ron and Jay-Z’s “Welcome To New York City”. This is the latest leak from DJ Whoo Kid’s upcoming project N-Word Bond, which is coming soon.
by New Hip Hop Music on Mar 26, 2014

Manage Your Emotion, Change Your Life

Emosi kita adalah Energi, yang berasal dari kata Emotion : Energy in Motion. Emosi adalah Energi (Cahaya, Aura, Prana, Spirit/jiwa, Daya Magnetis) yang bergerak. Energi ini bergerak dalam dua cara, mendatangi serta menjauhi kita.Emosi tidak hanya ber...
by REIKI NAQS on Feb 27, 2014

Video Digest #96

Пришло время подвести итоги предыдущей недели и вспомнить, какие ролики играли на наших мониторах в последние несколько дней. Кто-то пер...
by Electronic Dance Music News on Feb 3, 2014

Fav Quote Friday | Body and Spirit: Break Out Your Hidden Potential and Shine

"We are all strangers to our hidden potential, until we confront problems that reveal our capabilities."~Apoorve Dubeyyes!Heaven on Earth is not a place we find, but rather a choice in our state of mind.What do you think of these...
by Eco-Style Life Beau Monde on Jan 31, 2014

Kendali Minda Ubah Nasib (Melaka, 25 January 2014)

SELF IMAGE"Pak, Saya ini sudah berniaga macam-macam, dan habis modal jutaan ringgit. Tetapi semuanya gagal total, tidak ada satupun yang berhasil." demikian keluh Pak Cik salah satu peserta Workshop Kendali Minda di Melaka Malaysia pada tanggal 25 Ja...
by REIKI NAQS on Jan 26, 2014

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