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A Vision of Academic Freedom (AF) in 2027

Can we imagine the day when the students feel free to their self from the educational institutions boundations ? Suppose, there is no class, timetables, courses, class tests, examinations and specially attendance boundations in classroom. A stud...
by VYOM HANS VISION on Dec 20, 2016

Internships, Extracurricular Activities and STEM

An interest in STEM related subjects need not be relegated to the confines of a classroom. While academics are certainly a good (and critical) way to explore these areas, it’s important to seek additional means through which to gain exposure. F...
by not just admissions on May 15, 2015

Importance of Pursuing STEM Degrees

Now, more than ever, the pursuit of STEM related fields (science, technology, engineering and math) are integral to the strength of the country. In order to stay competitive in a global economy and to solve tomorrow’s challenges, we need well train...
by not just admissions on May 7, 2015

STEM Education with Low Income Students

A new initiative is endeavoring to promote STEM education with low income students.  In January, as part of the White House’s summit on college opportunity, […]...
by How To Learn on Apr 12, 2014

A Different Perspective On STEM

As we continue to explore STEM courses, degrees and future labor needs, it is apparent that there is a bit of disagreement between STEM advocates. [...]...
by How To Learn on Jul 17, 2013

STEM Education Benefits From Infomal Environments

STEM education benefits from informal environments; in particular, through semester-long after school activities targeting underrepresented populations in the STEM community (girls, minority groups). The National [...]...
by How To Learn on Jun 23, 2013

Video: Where are the STEM Students? What are their Career Interests? Where are the STEM Jobs?

STEMconnector® and My College Options® hosted a Town Hall discussion to officially release a historic report linking student interest in STEM education with STEM job opportunities. The conference was held on January 30, 2013 at the American Associa...
by not just admissions on Feb 5, 2013

An Urban STEM School Turns Things Around Against All Odds

McKinley Technology High School is an application-based Title I school in the heart of Washington, DC. In 2012, the school received a Blue Ribbon School award from the Department of Education for drastic improvement in student performance...
by Henry Sullivan on Jan 9, 2013

Test Scores Are On The Rise But STEM Experts Want More

American students stink at science.  But they might be starting to improve just a bit—eighth-graders are doing a little better in the subject than they [...]...
by How To Learn on May 18, 2012

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