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Trailer Trash

Trailer TrashHow did I become trailer trash? I fell for the oldest trick in the book. I use it now on my own kids – “Get in the car.” “Where are we going?”“Just get in the car.”This happened in the spring of 1980. Ted the Drug Dealer, s...

Ted the Drug Dealer

My mother married Ted the Drug Dealer in the summer of 1980, back when he was just Ted the Lightbulb Salesman. He won her over by knocking down some fence posts with his Cadillac.  During the Carter Administration, we lived in a three story hous...

Fathers Build Stronger Families This Holiday Season.. by William Jackson

Through the course of sexual interaction a child is conceived, yes it is the man's and woman's responsibility to care for the child, to provide wisdom, nurturing, morals and values so that baby can develop into an asset for humanity not an assault on...
by Seeing Growth on Dec 31, 2010

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