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The Zombie Atheist Movement

My friend Vjack  over at Atheist Revolution has a post titled “The Day The Atheist Movement Died”. In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been absent from this blog, that has been due to another issue that need to be addressed. Now...
by Reap's Truth on Dec 4, 2013

Atheists and Skeptics and Psychics Oh My!

So I’ve been using this new software….It’s pretty cool. I have been using it to express my displeasure and/or make observations about some skeptics and atheists who aren’t quit acting in a manner that demonstrates skepticism o...
by Reap's Truth on Apr 5, 2013

Friendly Abuse

    Ever since I became involved in an ongoing dispute with a little gang of  FTB  bloggers, some assorted A+ idiots, and a few skepchicks there has been one thing going on that bothered me more than anything else. I’ve addressed it in pri...
by Reap's Truth on Mar 24, 2013

PZ “boo-hoo” Myers and the failed experiment

PZ Myers, the bad boy of atheism. The guy who bans any critics who don’t bow to the will of his commenters (the horde-see below) with a gleeful laugh.  The fella who pissed off Catholics by using a cracker as his prop. The dude who has been sc...
by Reap's Truth on Feb 28, 2013

The Bloggers That Couldn't

This "social justice" thing has a large yellow streak through it     Ophelia Benson was offered a guest spot on the A-News podcast today. She accepted too.  Then when she learned  the details ( I am a co-host on the show) S...
by Reap's Truth on Jan 29, 2013

Open Comment To Stephanie Zvan

I figure since PZ Myers is too chickenshit to leave my comment up on his blog I cant be too careful (more on PZ soon) So while reading a blog on Stephanie Zvan's site I thought I would leave a comment there. Trouble is Stephanie isn't exactly my bff...
by Reap's Truth on Jan 10, 2013

Step Right Up

  Step Right Up   Adam Lee @daylightatheism on twitter is the latest A+ idiot to accuse me of being a misogynist.Want to know why? Because I called Stephanie Zvan a bitch. Yes I did and I will continue to do so until she either stops being...
by Reap's Truth on Dec 28, 2012

Speaking of Shunning

        In a blog on the CFI website Ronald Lindsay presents some good news. The Center for Inquiry is not going to be shunning speakers just because a bunch of people have threatened a boycott  if a certain person is...
by Reap's Truth on Nov 27, 2012

Stephanie Zvan and Friends-STFU

 The following is not a meltdown (give me a break) and I use foul language (break number two please) So if you are offended by such language you should just move on to other things. My grammar may also suck. This means if you are an English teac...
by Reap's Truth on Oct 10, 2012

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