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Best Stethoscope for Medical Students

Ever wonder what the best stethoscope for medical school is? Before considering specific models, a medical student should consider several factors:QualityAnticipated UsageComfortCostAdditional featuresQualityFirst and foremost, the stethoscope should...
by Scrub Notes on Dec 16, 2016

Can Ear Plugs Cause a 700 fold Increase in Germs in the Ear Canal? (Headphones, Hearing Aids, Stethoscopes, etc)

It was recently brought to my attention an interesting urban legend that wearing ear plugs can cause a 700 fold increase in germs in the ear canal. Curious about how this statement came to life, I scoured the internet and discovered the following inf...
by Fauquier ENT on Jun 3, 2016

IUD Kit DAK BKKBN 2015 | Sterilisator Uap & Sterilisator Listrik

IUD KIT DAK BKKBN 2015 adalah peralatan dan instrument penunjang petugas BKKBN dalam pemasangan dan pelepasan Kontrasepsi KB IUD (Intra Uterine Device) atau yang lebih dikenal dengan KB Susuk. IUD KIT DAK BKKBN 2015 disediakan BKKBN dalam rangka me...
by ALKESEXPO on Jun 7, 2015

Iud Kit BKKBN 2015 | Sterilisator Uap dan Listrik

IUD KIT DAK BKKBN 2015 adalah peralatan dan instrument […]...
by Juknis DAK BKKBN on Jun 7, 2015

Kursi Roda Serenity Aluminium Model 958LBCGPY

Serenity-Aluminium-WheelChair-Model+958LBCGPY Kursi Rod […]...
by DuMeDPoWeR on Jul 3, 2014

Jual Kursi Roda Aluminium Serenity Model 107LA Murah

Serenity-Powered-Aluminium-WheelChair-Model+107LA Kursi […]...
by DuMeDPoWeR on Jul 3, 2014

Kursi Roda Aluminium |Serenity Model 950LBPQ

Serenity-Aluminium-WheelChair-Model-9550LBPQ Kursi Roda […]...
by DuMeDPoWeR on Jul 2, 2014

Kursi Roda Baja Model 809B “Serenity”

Serenity-Steel-WheelChair-Model-809B Kursi Roda SERENIT […]...
by DuMeDPoWeR on Jul 2, 2014

Kursi Roda Baru | Serenity Model 901B

Serenity-Steel-WheelChair-Model-901B Kursi Roda SERENIT […]...
by DuMeDPoWeR on Jul 2, 2014

3 Reasons For Nurses to Buy 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

It’s usually the doctors that are seen carrying their stethoscopes around their neck or inside their pocket, handy enough whenever the need arises. However, nurses as well need one. After all, it’s (us) the nurses who are always at the patient’...
by Community Nurse Germz on Apr 15, 2014

Littman Stethoscopes – Special Outstanding Features Of the Littman Stethoscope

When it comes to health and the dignostic instruments and tools that are required to service health, the factors of quality, precision and accuracy are of the highest priority. For Continue Reading →...
by Give Me Cash on May 13, 2013

Doctor Fosca

Doctor Fosca is a new design in our logo gallery. You can learn more about this logo, rate it and find out who designed it by clicking on the title..
by LogoFury on May 12, 2013

Rossmax EB200 Stethoscope at Rs. 268

As most of you already know that Pepperfry is giving flat 40% off coupons on registration. Today, they are providing you another deal where you can buy Rossmax EB200 Stethoscope at flat 40% off i.e... Visit for More info.
by Free Stuff In India on Feb 14, 2013

The Stethoscope and How To Use It

Inside PA TrainingThe stethoscope. It’s practically the symbol doctors and PAs, but many use it improperly, or fail to use it to its full potential. Hopefully this post will get you off to a good start at using your “ears” like a pro.The post...
by Inside PA Training on Nov 4, 2012

History of Medicine : The Stethoscope

In the early 1800s, doctors began to listen to patients' chests to diagnose diseases of the heart and lungs. At first, the physician put his ear to the patient's chest. One day when examining a young lady under the watchful eye of h...
by Sanodox on Jul 11, 2012

Barbie I Can Be a Nurse Outfit with Stethoscope / Purple Scrubs

affiliate program Barbie I Can Be a Nurse Outfit with Stethoscope / Purple Scrubs Nurse scrubs and nurse hat, with doctors tools Fun with doctor/nurse scrubs and tools! Price: $ 7.99 affiliate program...
by Fashion Style on May 22, 2012

Medical Information : How to Choose a Stethoscope

When choosing a stethoscope, it’s important to first determine what the stethoscope will be used for and how much money can be spent. Pick a stethoscope that is good for pulmonary or cardiac usage with help from a licensed RN … Continue r...
by Diabetes Away on May 15, 2012

Pearl Pink

Preppy 2011 Bridesmaid Dresses-pearl pink prom dresses pearl pink prom dresses pearl pink prom dresses Preppy 2011 Bridesmaid Dresses-pearl pink prom dresses Your bridesmaid dresses are the biggest fashion element in your wedding, after the bridal...
by GLOBACEL on Mar 2, 2012

How to Notice The Infant’s Heartbeat Which has a Stethoscope

For those who to be able to in truth happen to be trying to find the very best price tag throughout stethoscopes, they can function miracles stethoscope reviews. Yet another thing regarding this is the best stethoscope reviews provides the most up-to...
by on Feb 15, 2012

How to Listen to The Infant’s Heartbeat Which has a Stethoscope

As an alternative to exclusively having the capability to perceive very low or even high-pitched may seem specifically, doctors were able to take note of each frequencies by using one stethoscope. Nevertheless, at the moment it is doing work delights...
by on Feb 11, 2012

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