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String Bean Beef Stew Recipe

I really love stew and it doesn't have to be in season vegetables. Even though my first preference would be to have all fresh , a great beef stew can be made all year round. Here is any easy recipe to follow to feed many people and believe me this wi...
by What's Cookin' Italian Cuisine on Jan 28, 2015

Chicken Chili

This chili is really more like a stew – just full of chicken and lots of red and yellow peppers.  It can be made with chicken breasts from the grocery store, but is really tastiest when roasted heritage* chicken is used.  It’s&#...
by Better Hens and Gardens on Jan 21, 2015

Foods: Lentil and Chorizo Stew

Foods: Lentil and Chorizo Stew is a post from: Food Recipes Foods: Lentil and Chorizo Stew is a post from: Food Recipes This Lentil and Chorizo Stew full of health food and full of health recipes. Here food recipe is delicious, we goal we will suffer...
by Food Healthy Recipe on Jan 21, 2015

Milkfish Fillet in Tomato Curry

Another attempt to cook non-Filipino curryAfter my successful attempt to cook Ayam Kapitan (Malaysian/ Singaporean Chicken Curry) prepared by Azlin Bloor in one of her shows, I have become so fascinated to try other non-Filipino c...
by Pinoy Kusinero on Jan 19, 2015

Efficacy Water Leaf Stew.

Efficacy of soursop leaves boiled water first is to cure the cancer and can also as a precaution. Soursop or Graviola leaves contain anti-cancer substances called Annonaceous acetogenin, which can kill cancer cells without disturbing other healthy ce...
by on Jan 14, 2015

Liver Vegetable Stew

Liver vegetable stew with chicken liver and chicken hearts. Cut off the fat from the chicken hearts. Cut the liver in large pieces. Put the hearts and liver in a deep large preheated skillet. Cover and stew over low heat for 3-5 min... The post Liver...
by Everything of Cooking on Jan 14, 2015

Foods: Stifado . . . a delicious Greek Lamb Stew

Foods: Stifado . . . a delicious Greek Lamb Stew is a post from: Food Recipes Foods: Stifado . . . a delicious Greek Lamb Stew is a post from: Food Recipes This Stifado . . . a tasty Greek Lamb Stew full of health food and full of health recipes. Her...
by Food Healthy Recipe on Jan 14, 2015

Sinigang na Sabaw na may Miso (Miso and Tamarind Soup)

I always crave for sinigang broth especially this season of the year!In my previous posts, I featured two of my favorite sinigang dishes. I cooked sinampalukang manok which is chicken meat soup soured with tamarind extract and young tamarind leaves.
by Pinoy Kusinero on Jan 13, 2015

Stew with gingerbread cookies

With this cold and stormy weather this stew is very tasty. The gingerbread and apple butter give this dish a delicious sweet taste. The meat needs quite a bit simmering to become tender, but that gives the meat time to absorb all the flavors in it.
by 4pure on Jan 12, 2015


Filipino Style Recipe: Kansi is a popular delicacy in Iloilo specially in Bacolod City. This dish is like a fusion of bulalo and sinigang that has a sour flavor coming from batuan fruit. Kansi most sought after during rainy weather because its hot so...
by Filipino Style Recipe on Jan 8, 2015

Filipino Pescetarian Dishes Recipe Round Up

Too saturated from all things sweet and fatty? Gaining additional pounds and now shedding that irksome extra fats and beer bellies? I am raising all hands to these. Holiday is over but eating will never cease. So to help you with your everyday meal p...
by Pinoy Kusinero on Jan 8, 2015

Back to Basics Bone Marrow Stew

There are many things that are best left consigned to the past. Certain ideologies, the song Agadoo and tie dying to name but three, but that formerly celebrated ingredient, bone marrow, should definitely not be one. An ingredient that used to be sou...

Lentil Bowl #4: Savory Middle East Lentil Stew

Savoury Middle East Lentil StewThis is a quick-to-put-together comfort food for cool winter days or nights, as long as you have the Quinoa (or Rice) and Red Lentils pre-cooked.  A green salad and a piece of fresh flat bread will round it out nic...
by Organic Gran on Jan 6, 2015

classic dinengdeng: rabong & saluyot

This is yet another rabong (bamboo shoot) cooking escapade, a continuation from previous various rabong dishes I've made out of a big rabong I prepared and pre-boiled. We've got rabong salad and sautéed rabong, and now we have this--the mo...
by PINAKBET REPUBLIC on Jan 4, 2015

Lentil Bowl #3- Mexican Red Lentil Stew with Lime and Cilantro

Lentil Bowl #3- Mexican Red Lentil Stew with Lime and Cilantro over Oven Baked Potato Sticks(Serves 8-12, and can be halved).INGREDIENTS:2 C. Red Lentils 4 C. Water 2 T. Coconut Oil 2 Onions, chopped fine (I did mine in Food Process...
by Organic Gran on Dec 30, 2014

Shambar Bean Soup

Shambar is a Peruvian bean soup from Trujillo that combines beans, grains, meats, and peppers into a hearty, delicious meal, served on Mondays. North of Lima lies the town of Trujillo. It is the... The post Shambar Bean Soup appeared firs...
by Provecho Peru on Dec 29, 2014

Kinulob na Manok (Banana Leaf Covered Slow-cooked Chicken)

In the Philippines, chicken is one of the primary sources of food protein. Filipinos, especially those in the remote provinces, usually raise native chickens in their own backyards either as a means of livelihood or to serve their families celebrator...
by Pinoy Kusinero on Dec 23, 2014

Beef Caldereta/ Kalderetang Baka (Spicy Beef Stew)

I reminisce the happy days with my late grandmother and I am not ashamed to admit that I was once a lola’s boy (grandma’s boy). Aside from numerous photos kept vibrant by her fondest memories, my grandma left me wonderful legacies that I still co...
by Pinoy Kusinero on Dec 23, 2014

Pork Dinuguan

Pork Dinuguan is a type of stew made from Pork and Pig blood. This Filipino dish might not be for everyone, but those who developed an acquired taste for this dish will agree that they enjoy eating it; some would even recommend to eat dinuguan with P...
by Panlasang Pinoy on Dec 17, 2014

Pinakbet (Mixed Vegetable Stew)

This is one of the first vegetable dishes that I have learned to eat while growing up. My grandma, as I had known her for being a pescetarian and lover of vegetable dishes, would always cook and serve vegetables fresh from her backyard. I can recall...
by Pinoy Kusinero on Dec 14, 2014

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