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Below are some of the biggest scams that took place in the Indian Stock Markets: 1. Ramalinga RajuThe biggest ever corporate scam in India came from Byrraju Ramalinga Raju, who was then one of the most respected businessmen. Ramalinga Raju was t...
by Market Wires on Sep 14, 2015


There is a lot of interest in retail investors with regard to how FIIs are anticipating the markets. Many investors tend to make their investment decisions purely on the basis of the FIIs buying and selling figures in the markets. This article is aim...
by Market Wires on Aug 24, 2015


Investors often believe that in the long run, stocks will definitely give them good returns. Even when their portfolio loses net worth by 50-60% they tend to carry the hope that in the long term there will be profits. However, in reality that does no...
by Market Wires on Nov 24, 2014

SEC to make stock-market trading data public

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The Securities and Exchange Commission as early as next week will make available a new web site to share data, research and analysis on equity market structure, Chairman Mary Jo White said Wednesday. The web site will...
by Forex Trading System Blog on Oct 2, 2013


The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as the Great Crash and the Stock Market Crash of 1929. In the decade of 1920s the American Economy saw a phrase of excess monetary action. This was known as the Roaring Twenties.  During this phrase ther...
by Market Wires on Aug 11, 2013

This is where I shorted the FTSE

This was the chart of the FTSE a few days back when I went short… I was seeing some tails on the candlesticks and the market was overbought and looking ripe for a short. Where I went short was a slightly bearish bar despite there being a bullis...
by Make Me Some Money on Nov 29, 2012

How I just grabbed a small fraction of the 300+ points on the Stock Market crash today

So it was an Obama victory and the Dow Jones fell over 300 points!! It was spectacular fall and a mass of profits to be made for those short. I actually had the perfect entry on this trade. I was short from 13230, near the close of yesterday candle.
by Make Me Some Money on Nov 7, 2012

Crude Oil looks good for a short setup

Below is a picture of the Crude Oil price chart… ok, at this level it doesn’t look that interesting… But if you zoom in a bit more… This is what I am seeing. The price made a high at A but fell rather strongly.. it even fell t...
by Make Me Some Money on Sep 25, 2012

Has anyone noticed the good news?

What is this historic stock market chart? It’s looks like a nice ride for any investor. It moves higher over time but not in a straight line. It does so with the usual higher tops and higher bottoms. It covers a period of several years.What is...
by Recharge on Aug 21, 2012

GBPUSD – RIght trade and 10 pips off an Entry

My order at the end of last week missed it’s entry by a mere 10 pips which is rather annoying. I was correct about there being strong support  at the 15480 level except that the buyers came in earlier at 15490 and pushed prices up to 15660 whi...
by Make Me Some Money on Aug 5, 2012

Five Ways To Invest – Investing In The Stock Market

Investing in the stock market has been a path to both riches and financial calamity. It has always been a mysterious place to invest but that mystery also makes it fascinating. In this article we look at five practical ways to invest into the stock m...
by humble savers on May 30, 2012

DOW falls and takes out my stop

It just goes to show that you never really know where the markets are going. I had moved my stop up a bit as the previous stop under the pin would be a full 2% loss if it hit.  Moving up the stop to a previous low meant a loss on this trade would be...
by Make Me Some Money on May 30, 2012

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